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OK who's been there, and what are some of the good and bad points? Looking for a 3 bedroom condo. What are some good choices, how are the runs, and when are the best times to go?

I know I am asking a lot, but skiing is serious business!!!

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I was there in March. I was there and toured most of the facilities. The village has everything you could want. Good food and you can ski right through the village to your hotel. I stayed at the Sommes Des Neiges (Summit of the Snows). It was one of the nicest places I have ever stayed in. It was a really great condo with nice views, nice rooms, great amenities, and comfy beds! It was two story condo that had everything! Really it was top notch!! All of the places I saw were nice, nice rooms, and everything is within walking distance. You could never walk more than 10 minutes. It is a really great place and the exchange rate is nice also. I would go from early January to mid March to get the best conditions. Plenty of good runs and very picturesque. If you go, make sure you take a few hours and go to the Scandinavian Spa. It is worth the visit and is only a few minutes drive from the Tremblant Village!! Lots of good restaurants and nice shops. I love the compact village that is easy to get around in. I highly suggest going. I really hope my ski club will be going next year.!!

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I made a few posts under Resorts earlier this year on Tremblant. Check back. I was there the end of the first week in January and seemed like the perfect time to ski anywhere in the northeast. No crowds anywhere we went from Tremblant straight down Vermont to Killington. Tremblant can be very windy and ICEY but it's winter and to be expected. The village is a GREAT experience. In my other posts I mention a lift (de soeil - I think ) and a few trails on the front right side that were great and vacant. Enjoy!!!!
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