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Just got back form MRG/SugarBush

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Skied MRG on Friday.
Damn shame about that rain. It turned this beautiful, fluffy powder into unflavored Gelato.

Saturday I decided to go over to Sugarbush.

Can you say "Porcelain?"

One good thing is that unless we get some more freakishly warm weather, this base should last the rest of the season.
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Nice to know. Thanks. I'm heading to La' Bush on the 12th for a week. Hopefully there a some new before then.
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Well.... glad to know I didn't drive 5 hours for what I skied on at Windham. Was wondering if MRG was any better.

Didn't think after early season snud/grass, and December/January's thin cover and rocks it could get any worse, but bullet proof is really NO FUN at all ~pout
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Maggie -

I actually got a toboggan ride.

I came off Sunnyside and was skiing down that first segment when one of my tips sank in a snowbank, a very wet, heavy snowbank, with a crust...
I tried to recover and ended up going over backwards without coming out of the bindings.

Felt a nice little "twang" in the backside of my left knee.
Fast-forwarding to later, it turns out my knee was fine and I had a minor achille's tendon pull. Why I felt that twang in my knee I don't know.

Back up to the top of the mountain I discovered that when I tried to turn right, my knee felt like it was going to fly apart.

Turning left was no problem, but after consulting a trail map I concluded that there was no way down to the basebox that involved all left-hand turns.

And of course, you know how narrow the trails are.

So, I started a combination of walking & skiing to make it down. Whenever I came to a section I could straightline because I could see a rise at the other end to absorb my motion, I did that. Otherwise, I put my skis on my shoulder and walked.

The patrol came by several times but I waved them off. I have my pride you know...

Well, about 2 hours later, about the time the Birdland warming hut was in site I was starting to think that Marcellus Wallace was right about pride. The next patrol guy that came along asked if I wanted a ride I said yes to.

No permanent injury though...
I reached into my portable pharmacy and found some things to relax and sooth, shall we say, and I did a lot of gentle stretching and massaging the rest of the day.

On saturday I was a bit stiff but once I got my boots on I was good to go.

Too damn bad there wasn't really anyplace TO go. :

About this time last year the season was starting to look kind of over.

That worked out OK.

Maybe Feb & March will be better to us.

Anyhow, I still have to may a trip to Jay this season. It's on my "to-do" list and I have to keep my commitments, you know?

Maybe a small group of us can do a day trip up there from the lodge. Think Ron would be into that?
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Jay was frozen rock solid this weekend. Freezing rain Thu night into Friday followed by downpoor on Friday afternoon followed by 2F and 20mph winds. By Saturday morning we had nice layer of unbreakable crust all over the glades.

Rock solid (literally) base and coverage is 100%, once they get a foot or two of snow conditions will be awesome.
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C-dubs.. any chance you'll be in the neighborhood this weekend? I postponed my MRG trip due to the weather, and I think I'll reschedule to Sunday (unless the conditions are still bad).
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negative good buddy. Flying in Tuesday. send me a pm with your home # I somehow lost it in the move. Latah
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