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Renting Ski Gear Around Grenoble

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Hi, All! A friend of mine just moved to Grenoble, France so I'll go visit this winter for a week or so, since incidentally this is very close to the Southern part of the French Alps . I already found a map of the area on the web (buzz.com) and Alpe d'Huez seems to be the closest ski area to Grenoble. All the reviews I found were impressive, but I don't know what to do about my skis: should I take with me my G31s which I totally love, or will I be able to find some comparable gear to rent locally? Carrying my skis can be a hassle that I'm willing to avoid, but on the other hand I don't want to be stuck with beginner level skis. I know you'll probably say: "picky, picky, picky...", but that's me [img]tongue.gif[/img] . What's your experience?
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I think you will be able to rent good gear in Alp D'Huez. When I was there a couple of years ago they even had good tele-gear for rent.
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Alpe d'huez is a large resort, that offers good skiing. You can rent gear from small local shops or from shops that are part of a chain. All have differnt levels of gear for different prices (just like car rental). The price for good gear is 100-120$ for a week. But (and this is especially true for chain stores) the range is ussually limited to french firms, so if you want Volkls you may want to bring yours. One last thing, outside Grenoble there are large sport department stores and they may give you a better price (yes they usually have gear for rent).
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Raz, I agree with pretty much all that's been posted above. You'll be able to get high quality stuff wherever you go, but maybe not the brands you want (Volkls & K2s are often hard to find - Salomons, Atomics, Rossies etc are usually OK).

I'd definitely recommend skiing Alpe d'Huez - it's got some good, varied terrain. A similar distance from Grenoble is Les Deux Alpes - I worked there for 5 months and I wouldn't recommend it - it's a similar size resort to Alpe d'Huez but not as good, IMHO.

If off-piste is your thing, then head a little further down the valley and you get to the legendary La Grave (you can access this from Deux Alpes but it's probably not worth it unless you're staying there). Get a guide.

Another 30 minute drive or so and you're at Serre Chevalier. This is my favourite resort in France (maybe anywhere) and I highly recommend it. It's lower than the other resorts in the area and snow conditions can be awful, but if the snow is good then it's got great tree skiing, great everything as far as I'm concerned.

Hope that helps. Have fun.
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Thanks, guys! I am not limiting myself to just Volkls, any good skis will do . Actually the Rossi XXs and the Atomic 10.exs (or whatever they call them this year) are on my list of skis to demo.
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