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woohoo got my new skis

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woohoo finally got my new skis.. beta ride 10.20s.. they probably are a bit much for me but oh well.. got what i consider a good deal on them so i'm not complaining. cant wait to get out this weekend....

just thought i'd share [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Great skis. Enjoy!
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Where are you heading? We will be at Spirit Mt. They have a great deal on 1st time pass holders. $99.00 for the rest of this year and all of next year. It isn't the rockies but it is better than Buck Hill.
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I usually ski Afton just cuz its closest and most of my buddies have season passes. Wanna plan a trip to Lutsen for some weekend to break these skis in

WOW that is a great deal at spirit.. too bad its much to far away to hold a season pass.. i wouldnt be able to make the drive there weekly even if i wanted to. i share a car so im not able to "hog" it for the weekend...
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I have never skied afton. Just Buck, Spirit,and Lutsen here in MN. Lutsen has a $109.00 dbl occ. weekend deal running which includes lodging and lift ticket. It isn't a bad deal. But the word is not much snow there. Spirit has had better conditions this year.
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Lutsen is making tons of snow so my friends at Gilboa tellme.
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Lutsen has limited snowmaking coverage. Still a fun hill. Hope you do well!
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yes we are hoping to catch the 99 weekend deal. 2nights 2days lift for 99 bucks.. not bad cept for the drive which i hope i wont have to make.. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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