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Those big resorts are certainly what Colorado is *becoming*. However for real Colorado country - head for the small towns. Creed, very cool town with original old Colorado spirit. Generally, if you've heard of a town - its touristed up - I recommend you go off the beaten track. The SouthWest part of the state is the least developed and in fact contains the largest undeveloped section of mountains left in the lower 48 states.

Have fun!
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Yea, or hook up with locals. I think you have already LindaA.

Wish I could find a job. I'm a very experienced SysAdmin, but I don't want to leave the mountains. Might soon, for $$$. Sigh. Interviews, yuck. Put me to work dammit! Hopefully it will be 4-10's, so I can truly live for 3 days a week.

Even the touristy Summit County area is wonderful! If I am not in Fernie when you are here... hook up! My skigirl and I would love to show you around. We can crack techie jokes on the lift rides...

Visit me here >>>SnoKarver

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Ive already hooked up with the locos? yes, unfortunately, ive hooked up with alot of locos...OH! you said "locals"! sorry, watching the football game ( Pats pre-season...yea! winters coming....)

wow,good luck on the job hunting, nothing sadder than a Sys Admin when he isn't admining syses....

I wish there were more techie jobs in the mountains up here....id move in a second. they are only two to three hours away for the most part...but nothing like getting up at four a.m. to make first chair at eight....(thats how i knew i was a ski-freak.....im in NO WAY a morning person...)
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