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Colorado Springs in August...

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Business trip, 13th - 16th perhaps longer if I milk it....any suggestions on where to eat, sleep, hike, dance, drink, shop??? <FONT size="1">

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two days I need to be in the city...(big and ugly, huh? damned. my first trip to Colorado and I have to go to a ugly part.)but after that, as long as its a day trip..I can get there.....
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Not sure they allow drinking and dancing in CO Springs.

If your expense account will allow for it stay at the Broadmoor.
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How far away from C.Springs (big ugly city) can you actually be for you trip? The best answers will come from knowing what areas you'll need access too everyday.

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Pikes peak, garden of the gods,
c springs is the only place in the world more conservative than Utah so nightlife was kinda lame. Lots of buff men with short hair if your into that kinda thing!

There are a # of 14ers not to far away ( afew hours) if you have time
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Oh man...here i was all excited to finally get to Colorado...maybe I wont milk it..maybe ill just get what I have to get done done and high-tail it outta there. (sigh) DONT like the sound of that "more conservative than Utah...."

even the short-haired buff dudes dont interest me...I like the "long or short hair with alot of charecter" type.
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I could definitly take the weekend maybe and check out some of those 14ers....
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west from the Springs the choices dont end.
good links to maps from here also.

also lots of little towns w/ "charecter" in & around those ranges.<FONT size="1">

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Cool site..thanks ti...
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Kima - Just found out the event Im attending will be at the Broadmoor...thanks for the link!!!
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if you are staying @ the broadmoor, I would call ahead, talk to the concierge, & tell him/her your interests. They get paid to make sure people like you enjoy your self. 5 star hotel concierge will get you TONS of info.
Prob a mtn person or 2 on that staff. Just a thought as I interviewed for that job fresh out of college before going to te Ritz in Aspen.
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LindaA, your welcome, the Broadmoor is the best thing in CO Spgs. If you can sneak away to the mtns take Hwy 24 to Hwy 9 to Breckenridge, Its a beautiful drive.

If you have a car rent a bike and go to the Academy. They have a nice dirt path for biking or jogging.
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LindaA you might also want to take a look at
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What is the nearest skiing to that area? I just found out that there is a fitness conference there next March, at the Broadmoor.

Be Braver in your body, or your luck will leave you. DH Lawrence
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LM Love to have a chance to ski with you check out previous thread,
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Hey LindaA...

Get a hold of me when you get out here... my skigirl lives in CO Springs... We'd enjoy meeting you. She lurks here, too shy to post.

BTW... I know a fellow ski instructor here at Breck that used to teach at Attitash..
She's a red haired rippin' racer and all terrain skier by the name of Jen... skis on Volants, too!

Visit me here &gt;&gt;&gt;SnoKarver
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Cool! if I get out there Ill let you know, Im awaiting word if the funding for this trip is going to come through...Im may not, its through another department and they are dragging their feet on this. (Compaq StorageWorks symposium thingy...)

If I dont get there in aug, im planning a trip (for my birthday....its been a goal of mine) to do the whole Breck/aspen/vail thing....perhaps I could meet up with you guys/gals then! In Feb. (22) for about two weeks (if your not at the bears gathering)

Im just afraid if I go ill never want to come back. Is 32 to old to start bumming???<FONT size="1">

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Dont remember Jen, how long ago did she teach there?

Skigirl, dont be shy! post! its fun!!!(and educational...)
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It is NEVER to late to become a ski bum. Just ask my kids....
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LindaA make sure you let us know when your here would love to ski with you.
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kima - I will definetly let you know when Im going...love to meet everyone..

asked again today about the 13th of this month...still waiting for an answer....
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Just got word, no funding for trip...apparently I couldn't show a large enough ROI.....sigh.

Oh well, theres always February.
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Oh well LindaA...
would have been a fun visit.

When the Compaqs get weird on ya (Compaq specific hardware issiues ) maybe they will break down and send you next time...

I like Compaq's OK, they just have their own way of doing things.. Kinda like HP...

Visit me here &gt;&gt;&gt;SnoKarver
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compaqs w/issues?! NEVER.

Ive already cost them much $ as far as cpq goes...I Have my ASE in three different tracks...I guess they think Ive had enough of compaq...

give me compaq over thos d***s any day (ugg, wont even type the word....)
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Oh well you are not really missing out. hope to see you this winter. <FONT size="1">

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I knew that would get a rise out of ya, LindaA... ROFLMAO

They all have issues, don't they!

Visit me here &gt;&gt;&gt;SnoKarver
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COMPAQS are far less likely to give me migranes than any of the other manufacturers!!! your trying to get me started!!

swaiting word from travel agency about february plans the 18th through the first of march. thats not school vaca down there, is it? is it busy?
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LindaA you should be OK. Spring break does not really get going till the second week of March. Then for the rest of the month watch out can get kinda crazy.
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Much more fun and you can put in much more premium parts when you just build your own computers. Its not difficult, its like legos for grown-ups!
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very true todd!!

unfortunately I deal with production servers, millions of dollars worth of network equipment, huge monolithic Storage Area Networks and other such equipment, companies get a little nervous about warranty and quality issues if I said "I built it!!!"

so, I am a slave to the "big three". sigh...I suppose if they didn't have "issues" Id be out of a job...

ok, plans almost firmed up for february...any good suggestions about breck/aspen/vail area lodging?

This will be my first trip to co...Im having a really hard time with this next birthday coming up (32...uggg)so im taking off to CO by myself for two weeks, something Ive always wanted to do...where, in your opinions, is the quintessential "Colorado experience?" is it Breck? or Steamboat? where would you go on your first trip?
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