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Help: Lodging for Single Skier

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Hi all.
Does anyone know of any singles ski trips or lodging for singles that do not require double occupancy? I have two weeks off early feb and am thinking of heading out west or to vermont.
Any help would be great.
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Hostel X at Jackson Hole is only $48 a night... single or double occupancy: same price. It isn't high-falutin', but you can't beat the price.
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Turn of the river lodge right outside Killington VT is 23.00 a night. Shared rooms/shared bath (hostel style lodging) but includes bedding and towels.
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also you might call Daman Nelson Travel. Sometimes they have space in their group trips that someone is looking for a room mate if you don't mind meeting someone new. They usually have great rates. Also being so close sometimes they are looking for someone to fill that last bed or fill a cancellation.
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Hi, more hostel type lodging in Summit County Colorado, no personal expierence but have heard good things about just bunks
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by SKICU:
am thinking of heading out west or to vermont.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

This would be an easy choice if I had two weeks off. Head West.
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Any Mountain Tours out of DC has lots of trips you could join as a single.
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If you head to Tahoe, you can stay really, really cheap at casino hotels in Reno, which is 40 min - 1 hour drive from N. shore ski areas. Try expedia.com.
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Please pick an area that you are interested in skiing. The options are quite varied and much too long to try to list all of them for the entire west. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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If I had two weeks, I'd head to Whistler or Jackson. In my college days, we'd stay at the Hostel/Plywood Palace in Jackson. It's ski-in ski-out and you can't get much closer to the tram. Have fun.
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if you go to Jackson Hole: I am on a solo trip there 10-Feb to 19th. I am looking for people to team up for a group for the BCX program http://www.jacksonhole.com/skiing/guides_bcx.html
Send me a pm (personal message).
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Hope it helps.

Alpen Hutte Lodge hosteling. $27/night, $160/ weekly. Private room w/ bath. $60/ night. Please call (970) 468-6336. www.alpenhutte.com

Summit County International Hostel. $25/night - $140/ wk. Private room $240/wk. 970-468-2886/970-470-2886
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Thanks for all the great advice. Looks like I am going to jackson hole feb 2-8 (Hostle X), and am thinking of flying on to colorado from there,either summit county(can't beat $167 for the week) or telluride . Figure might as well get as much skiing in as possible before residency starts. Thanks again for the help
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