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Planning the next big trip

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Dear All,
Looking for feedback and advice. Am planning approx 4 - 5 weeks in Canada in Jan / Feb 03 to celebrate girlfriend's completion of MBA and to satisfy those cravings for powder that living in Sydney cannot satisfy.

Currently thinking of two weeks in Whistler / Blackcomb a couple of days off in Vancouver and then another two weeks in Fernie.

Any feedback re good, but not outrageous (isn't that always the way) accomodation in either location would be appreciated. Also interested in feedback from any Bears who went Cat sking in Fernie last year and any other information you think relevant.

Many thanks,
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When I go to Whistler, I stay at the Coast Whistler Hotel. It is clean, reasonably good, but not too expensive. It's about 5 minutes walk to the lifts.

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Wow!! ...Sounds like you prefer to really get intimate with the mountains you choose to ski. Have you given any thought to Kicking Horse, and the cat skiing down the road at Revelstoke?

Good Luck!!!! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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