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SRN Article on FIS Rules

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The latest Ski Racing News (doesn't seem to be up on their website yet) has an interesting article on equipment, which seems to imply -- though does not directly state -- that the FIS rules will be applicable to *all* USSA events. This would definitely seem to be in contradiction with the response from a USSA official that Ed posted here earlier regarding minimum ski lengths and turning radii. But given how vague the article is on the enforcement mechanism, I'm assuming that a don't-ask-don't-tell kind of policy will essentially be in place?!? (Otherwise, the more I think about it, it's really strange to force a skinny little teenage guy in an open JI race to be on a 155cm ski when a huge world cup adult woman gets to ski on a 150.)
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My understanding of the article is that ALL USSA racers, JII and up MUST comply with the 21m radius sidecut for GS races. At FIS races BELOW Continental CUP, GS skis can be used for SG, and SG skis can be used for downhill. For FIS races above Continental Cup, SG=33m, and downhill must be 40m or greater.
There are NO limitations for children 14 and younger, with the exception that all skis must be 130cm or larger. This is from Ski Racing News. Tremendous mis-information and confusion. If this is true, alot of wasted $ for early season buyers.
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I saw the article. Here is my take, Anything at the regional FIS level on down is ok. Continental Cups, NorAm's will follow FIS. I can't believe that a 105 pound J2 woman (mine) will be required to ski a 200 cm SG ski for downhill. At the same time, I wouldn't want to put this racer on a highly shaped GS ski without a pretty stiff plate to take some of the reactivity out of it (safety reasons). I'll contact Walt Evans of USSA again to clarify. I think he is Director, Competition Services. I need to talk to him on some other issues. I'll post his reply.

I forgot, as far as the 21 meter radius for GS skis, that clearly is a manufacturers' issue. I think all they are saying is for J2 and up, you must use a GS race ski. In reality, i'm sure this will be a look the other way at regional FIS on down. Incidentally, JO's are FIS races, but they are regional ones.
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So far I haven't seen any enforcement below that level. I had a JII girl on 178 GS last year. I've also seen some illegal stacks get by in USSA races athough they check at JO's.
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