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ok.... so I've got a week at Easter with no little ones to slow me down. MY SO wanted to beach it this year but the airlines double the prices and I'm just not gonna pay.
He has been unemployed, so funds are tight, but I thought I just might be able to surprise him on Valentines day with tickets for a surprise week in Utah.

That leads me to my questions.

Will there still be good skiing the first week of April?

Where is the best place/area to stay? I'm looking to find a nice bed and breakfast type place near enough to the mountains to make it NOT be a chore to get there.

Is there anything I absolutly MUST do/see on the one day I give my legs a break?
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Last year April had very fine skiing. I skied a 60" weekend in the middle of April last season, but it could always be a bit sketchy. I'd plan on early April.

Depends on where you want to ski, and what types of transportation you plan to use. Rental car, stay anywhere in Salt Lake City down to Sandy. You can access 7 resorts within 45 minutes from downtown by car.

If you have a car, and don't mind the drive, Southern Utah is amazing, check out Zion National Park, but it is a 4+ hour drive from SLC. There are many things to do right within the Salt Lake Valley as well, but ideas are blocking me right now.

Have a great trip!
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Some of the best skiing I have ever had has been Late March early April.But as Alta skier It could be iffy later in April.Start checking the net for late season bargins.The way things are going this season I am sure you will be able to find some really good deals.We have some great skiing, but people are staying away due to The Olympics. Everyone Thinks that Utah will be to crowded.Skiers decided to Go to other resorts. Skier visits to Park City are way down.The other day I was skiing Deer Valley and there was less then 700 lift tickets sold all day and the skiing was excellent.
If you need to save some money then stay in Salt Lake City area.If you have a few extra dollars, Come up to Park City.We have some nice B&B's most are with in walking distance to Town lift or Close to the Resort Center.With the new Skier Bridge you can ski right to Lower Main St.Park City is a easy 45 min drive from Salt Lake Airport.This is a real Westren Skitown.Most of Old Town buildings date back to The 1880's.
Like Alta Skier said 7 major Ski Mountains are all within an Hours drive from either Park City or Salt Lake City.Come on out I am sure you will enjoy Utah.
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