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The Olympics are over on February 24. We ahve had experience at many Olympics and I can tell you that after the Teams leave town it is SLOW.
SO Utah is a MUST the end of February, to the middle of March.
I just came back for a visit to SLC and it was attempting to snow at street level.
Looks like the conditions will be great by the time February rolls around. I stayed at the Historic Hotel PEERY. This is a great place as it is located in town, surronded by the best restaurants in the area. Three Brew Pubs, PF CHangs, even a Macaroni Grill, and about a half dozen local eateries that are GREAT! You are on Temple so the sites are just down the street. In season the hotel has shuttle service to the skiing, and they offer realy competitive Ski Packages. All in all UTAH has to be a terrific buy this year once the SHOW leaves!
Think SNOW and GO!