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Buck's T4 Lodge, Big Sky, MT.

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Anyone stayed there? Impressions?
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Stayed there a couple years back, it is on the highway in gallatin canyon so still 7-8 miles from the resort. The rooms were fine, I think it had a hot tub. The food in the main dining room sucked. My girlfriend and I are both professional chefs and felt the food offered poor quality and value. On the other hand, we had a good dinner of burgers and appetizers in the bar. Maybe the kitchen was over reaching it's abilities. I have heard good things about the food since. These things change as often as the chef does, which can be pretty often in ski resorts. My brother and I made use of the proximity to the bar to catch up with each other while one hell of a buzz caught up with us. Kind of nice to sleep near the bar when splitting a bottle of whiskey with your little bro.

Overall, enjoyed it alot!

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Interesting about the restaurant, as they presently advertise their dining as "world-class," and note that "chef Chuck Schommer's creations have received national recognition from the likes of Gourmet, Eating Well, Bon Appetit, Sunset, SKI and Snow Country magazines, as well as the Chicago Tribune and New York Times."
They also "feature a creative and extensive wine list, an annual winner of Wine Spectar's 'Award of Excellence' since 1996."
So, maybe things have changed there since.
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I was in Big Sky March '01 and ate at Buck's T4 Dining Room with a couple of friends. I'm certainly not a professional chef's but I've been to my share of nicer, upscale restaurants. We found to food to be really good. I think it was one of the best ski trip meals I've ever had. The game dish I had was excellent. My friends enjoyed their meals, as well. I would recommend it highly. It is quite pricy for dinner, but most nice meals are. I know a critique from someone in the restaurant industry carries a bit more weight than mine, but I thought I give my 2 pennies worth.

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