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Lake Tahoe locals / regulars ?

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I'm going to Lake Tahoe for 5 days in late March. I have a few questions maybe some locals or regulars could clue me in on.

1) We're flying in to Reno Airport. Is there any cheaper way to get to Heavenly than the $36 shuttle ? Public transportation perhaps ?

2) On one of the nights it is my girlfriend's birthday so I'm looking for a good restaurant. Any recommondations ? We're staying at the Gondola Base.

3) Any runs we should absolutely check out on the mountain or do early in the day ? I'm an advanced skier and she's intermediate.

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Can't help you with Heavenly or your transportation questions, but if you get bored there or the winds are too high, check out Sierra-at-Tahoe. It has a shuttle from south shore. rickp
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Unless you rent a car, Probably best route is 36.00 shuttle. Public transit is usually pretty tough with anything more than a pair of skis. If you have luggage, the shuttle is probably more comfortable.

As far as places to eat, I would recommend the Forest Buffet at the top of Harrahs. I know it's an all you can eat buffet but the view is great and it's a bit more upscale than your typical Buffet. Go on a friday (seafood) if you can and get there early. The line gets pretty long by 5:30.

Go for the Nevada side of Heavenly if you must ski there. The better runs are over there.

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1)Reno shuttle? I dunno.

2) Food? With all due respect to DC, he's right, but I (and others) don't do buffets; get a reservation at a sit-down restaurant at Caeser's - or - there's this steak place just down the road (south) past kingsbury grade. It is very good...can't remember name....or Scusa (Italian) on Ski Run Blvd (stay away from the nearby Villa Roma - - - trust me). Again, reservations.

3) Start of Day? six of each - the California side has gets bigger mobs early, so you might wanna hit that the first hour (from gondola, take tamarack chair, follow California trail (stay left) to Sky. Nevada tends to stay more open, particularly the Stagecoach, Olympic, and Galaxy chairs - - - since these are lower down and mush up in warm weather, you might try these first if its warm, otherwise go to CA side first.
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