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Big Sky, Bridger, then...?

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I'm planning a trip to Bozeman, MT in Feb. to visit some friends at college and to ski the above mentioned areas. I'd like to extend the trip from there by heading either North to Big Mountain, or South to Grand Targhee. GT is a hell of a lot closer, but BM has, well, a bigger mountain.
Any tips or suggestions from those who've BTDT?
I'm no expert, so double diamonds are not my bag, but everything else is fair game. Cat skiing at either place is a consideration also.
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If Targhee is closer, by all means go there. You can spend at least two solid days there skiing Alta-quality/quantity powder. I went a week after its previous storm and the trees were filled with yummy, untracked above-the-knee powder. And if it's a clear day, the views from the top are stunning.

It sounds like you're at my level, and if you don't necessarily need Jackson Hole-esque steeps to keep you entertained, Targhee is for you.

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If we get sufficient snow by the time you arrive consider a day trip to Discovery Basin. Its 2 hours from Bozeman, uncrowded and cheap.
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