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Good buddy wants to do Tahoe in January. Never been, no knowledge. What's the scoop on this area?

Thanks, Joe [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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If you go back a few pages here in "Resorts & Travel" you'll find a thread I started about Tahoe. I got some pretty good info there.
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You didn't give anyone much to work with!

Based on your lack of information on the question, the answer is: It's there, it's awesome, and it's 'a ton of fun'!

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Short version.. go to Squaw. Heavenly sucks. Enjoy your trip.
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The above post says it all.

Heavenly is a tourist trap. It has good skiing but just way to crowded. If you can hook up with a local it will be better so they can show you the stashes, otherwise just go to squaw or kirkwood if you can...wide open great terrain....!
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here is a link to most all the tahoe resorts with some of the best non season pass discounts.


squaw and kirkwood are the best, heavenly can be fun with the casinos and stuff if u guys like to play and eat well.
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The truth is, you can ski/board just about any of the big resorts (Heavenly, Squaw Valley, Alpine Meadows, Northstar) in the Lake Tahoe area and have a great time. Same holds true for the smaller resorts, it just really depends WHEN you go, and WHAT you're looking for in a resort. For example, Heavenly is great midweek in january after new years, but before MLK 3 day weekend, no crowds at all. If you're going on a weekend, Sugarbowl can be a great option, fewer crowds, great terrain - but fewer bars restaurants etc. Homewood's great if you want to ski cheap and love the killer lake view, but not so good during warmer storms because of the lower elevation. The point is, do some research, ask questions, but be specific about your priorities and you can't go wrong. The lake tahoe skiing section of SkiTahoe.com has all the ski areas listed, not just the big ones. Visit all the ski area sites, see whether they have what you want, steeps, chutes, high speed chairs, long groomers etc, and make an informed decision.
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