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Jackson Hole

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Hi All
We’re planning a trip to Jackson Hole next spring and I was wondering when the best time to book reservations would be. The agent I was planning to use recommended booking early because they fill up fast. May seems way early to reserve for March.
Any suggestions for lessons, sight seeing, shopping, dining, etc would be great too.
Thanks in advance
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The last couple of years - there has been great snow in feb... but if you want sun and nice packed groomers with a chance of some new snow then march. Personally I would look at late january early feb before president day. If you want cheap lodging for 4 or more then try JHRL and ask for the VCI rooms, they are about $100 a night and right next to tram building.

Its always a risk booking early but anyway you look at Jackson - its still gonna kick your ass whether the snow be icy, slushy or deep pow!

Nightlife - depends how old ya are, and what your wallet looks like.
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