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Anybody a Steamboat regular?

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I'm planning on being there 1st week of feb.
I've been skiing since 1972 and for the last ten years 75 plus days/yr.
I have never skied out west.I know, pretty amazing huh?
Anyway I'm looking for any advice you westerners can give.
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Ski fast.......
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I love Steamboat - it has something for everybody. Explore it ALL, if you have the time.
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I am capable of fast!
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I've been going there for years. Probably my favorite area of all. Some tips: leave the one-piece ski suit home. Bring fatter skis. Billy doesn't ski everyday. Park in the shuttle lot...unless you're popping for which case, can I borrow $100? Paying for parking is for dimwits. Wynona's is the best for breakfast...but you may have to wait.

On the hill: Go directly to Storm Peak on a powder not pass go, do not collect friends...go. Trees are fun...cut up powder on left side of Buddy's is usually fantastic. Bring a lunch...on mountain food can be spendy. Put it in a locker at the top of the ya $12-$15 easy. Trees are fun.
Morningside is overrated...but Pony Express can be challenging but beware of thin cover (shouldn't be a prob for anyone from the east. Guaranteed your quads will be screaming for mercy by the end of the day...get some 6000 ft altitude, you'll need it for the next day.
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Closet and Shadows are my favorite runs on the mtn. The bumps on 3 o'clock are usually pretty good. The trees between 3 o'clock and 2 o'clock (Twilight?) are always fun. All the tropical storm runs (Hurricane, Twister, Typhoon, etc) are worth visiting. Big Meadow and Christmas tree bowl are fun, but there is a long, flat run-out from them onto Buddy's or Flying Z.

Four Points and Bar-UE are great lifts if it gets crowded.

Not a big fan of Pioneer Ridge.

Vortex is a great end of the day bump run.

Valley View and Heavenly Daze are crowded, icy and dangerous at the end of the day. I usually take an extra run on the back and down load on the gondola to avoid them, unless Vortex is calling.

It's a great mountain, hope you have a good time.
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Originally posted by P51Express:
Bring a lunch...on mountain food can be spendy. Put it in a locker at the top of the ya $12-$15 easy.
Shouldn't that read, "Stash a couple sugar filled devices in your pocket, eat them on the lift?" Save yourself another 30-35 minutes of skiing time...

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Also a favorite of mine. Been there so many times it's like a second home. Wynonna's for breakfast for sure. While you're eating breakfast have them make you up some sandwiches and pack some cookies also. The best. If you like BBQ hit the Double Z. It's a locals bar at the far end of Lincoln street on the left going out of town. The best in the world.

On the mountain, everything the guys have told you is good information. I also think on a powder day on your way to Storm peak, you must hit White Out.A nice bump run with a steady pitch and if it's covered with pow or not, it's the best there. Shadows is fun and the line of bumps under the Priest Creek lift right next to Shadows is sweet. Rolex is nice and for cruisers, High Noon to Lower High Noon, and Buddies Run is good but gets crowded. The upper gets chewed fast and there are some stashes left on the lower usually right after noon. I'm usually shot by late afternoon and take the Gondola down but if the legs are fresh I can't leave the hill without hitting Voodoo. The bump run where all the competitions are held. Best bunps anywhere.

I like to stay downtown and walk to all the shops and bars. Can't say much about the complex over at the mountain cause I never spend much time there. Have fun!!!!
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Hey're right, you might save 30-35 minutes...but I guess I didn't think was too important for someone coming out to spend more than a few days at da 'Boat. So ya save 30 minutes...
get a sugar rush that lasts another 30...and then enjoy the sugar crash after your Snickers bar evaporates in the flood of lactic acid that's burning your quads.

Enjoy the 'Boat, Artskee...take your time and take it all in...there's plenty to see and do.
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THANKS for all the great info. Sounds like you guys know your way around. I'll print out the information and take it with me.
P51; no I won't be staying slopeside, a bit pricey for my tastes. I'm going with my son and we're staying with a friend of his. He's from Boyne and is out there because he is an olympic hopeful. I'm hopeful that he'll be able to show us around.
Thanks again for all the advice
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sorry, i lied to you in my previous reply, the end of the day bump run is vertigo, not vortex.
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Love Da'Boat, one of the best skiin in Colorado. The right side of the Mt. with all the blues (Sunshine lift) is locally known as Wally World, good groomers. If it's dumping, try morning side, worth it if there's plenty of time. Storm peak face is the place to be, fantastic runs all over this mountain. The Pioneer Ridge is left au natural, no grooming just good bumps and late day/next day stashes if you need a pow fix (ie, no freshies while you're there). The powder is crystal fine, 10" at Steamboat is about like 5" anywhere else in Colorado. The tree runs are famous for good reason, just fantastic when it's coming down. Hope you get some good POW, none last time I went there but the Boat is always good. Enjoy it, also check out the site, there's a small board with some locals hanging out, post there and you may be able to hook up with some more info as well.
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Just in case you come back and look again at this post i offer the following:

Sounds like you could be from the midwest, so that makes you a flatlander. The possibility of altitude sickness must be considered. Take the appropriate preventitive precautions.It can hit anyone no matter how good their physical conditioning. Take it easy the first day ! Even if it is a powder day, I still would avoid Storm Peak,and choose to ski the easier areas off of Sunshine Peak.

Over doing it the first day and getting altitude sickness can reck the rest of your ski time. You need a good 48 hours to see if you are reasonable adjusted to the altitude. The top of Storm Peak I beleive is close to 12,000 feet. If you feel light headed getting of the lift, wait and relax until the dizziness goes away.

One final thing, be sure to start breathing deeply and delibertly before you push off and begin your run. At higher altitudes, you will need all the Oxygen, you can get so breath, and breath, and breath etc., etc., etc., I.E. with every turn, BREATH!
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