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Need Advice

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A 170 ski will do you fine.
I'm similar height and build. Up until this season, I was skiing on 181s, and nolo suggested I try something shorter. So, after demoing, I've now got a pair of 165s. They won't float as well in powder, but they're a lot more fun on the piste.

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dude, you have to much money! anyway, I would stick with the solomons, 170 is fine for you if you just want hardpack(you need to get "out" more)
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Need Advice

Hello ALL!
I'm somewhat intermediate skier. I'm 5'11" about 175 - 185lbs. Ski on groomed runs, want to start Moguls this season.

I just bought brand new SALOMON-VERSE10 PILOT 170cm skis. Should i keep them or get something esle in 180cm length?
Is 170cm too small? would the edge slide out on turns?

What i want is something that will allow me to progress and improve my skills but also something that i wouldn't get bored within a year or two.

In local ski shop i saw NORDICA-BEAST69 & 3-11 BINDINGS for
$900(CDN), and Nordica W70&3-11 bindings for $800(CDN) should i get one of those instead?

I was also looking at:
- ATOMIC C:11 OR R:11

What would you recomend?
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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Thank you All for your input!!!

So, evryone saying 170 cn is fine, even if i'm 180cm tall?
I know salesman told me there might be some problem for with 170cm skis if i get heavier...but the again, salesmen see me as a "walking wallet" willing to drop money on gear...
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Originally posted by crazy_freeflyer:
Thank you All for your input!!!

So, evryone saying 170 cn is fine, even if i'm 180cm tall?
I know salesman told me there might be some problem for with 170cm skis if i get heavier...but the again, salesmen see me as a "walking wallet" willing to drop money on gear...
Get a 180 for sure. Don't get a 170 whatever you do. 170 is going to have a tiny tail and it is going to suck. Trust me. I have been through this before. 180 is short.
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I'm from Alberta. Last season skied in Jasper and Banff.
Planning to spend some time in Whistler this winter.
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I dunno about what people were telling you about the ski being "fine" (i.e., its the wrong ski but will work). You are already too heavy and tall for 170s in that ski. Unless you really suck at skiing and need short skis to stand up (might be a consideration, ya know). What the heck was the salesman thinking? (making a sale?)
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Has anyone on this site actually skiied on averse 10 pilot? I have and they are terrible. Novice or ultra slow skiers only. Cool looking bindings though.
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It’s very hard to get good recommendations on intermediate skis. People who ski a lot and consequently could make good recommendations don’t typically ski on intermediate skis.

I suspect that most advanced skiers would not be impressed with intermediate skis. If intermediate skis were that impressive, they wouldn’t sell many expert skis, would they?

I think an intermediate skier will improve faster with an intermediate ski than they would on an expert ski. The same “forgiving” qualities that make the ski unimpressive to an advanced skier make the ski workable and enjoyable for an intermediate skier.

I haven’t skied on the Verse 10 Pilot. I think its target audience is intermediates.

Crazy claims to be a “somewhat intermediate” who “skis groomed runs.”

It sounds like an intermediate ski that’s a little on the short side would be a good choice, and that’s what he’s got.

I’d keep the skis you have! And have fun!
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Amen, Lurking Bear. Otherwise I would say just get a pair of Dynastar Inspireds in 188 and head for the back bowls at Louise....
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Originally posted by bearberry:
One word of caution: I would upgrade the bindings. For a guy your size, the 3-10 is risky, especially if you are going to bang around in the bumps. I've seen 3-10s mangled in just this scenario - and skiers hurt. Go to a 4-12. Otherwise stop trying to second-guess yourself - you've got some very fine skis to click into.
I disagree w/ this statement completely, but that's okay. It's hard to upgrade pilot bindings for one, and for two he should have his DIN set at about 6 depending on his boot sole lenght. PLENTY of room for adjustment. If he set it at 9, I'd be worried.

I've skied the Verse pilot 10 and was very very very very impressed with it. It's surprisingly responsive for a "recreational" ski. It will take you a long way.
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Hey guys,
Thank you ALL for your replies!!!
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No sweat, Crazy. Now don't bother us for a while - we're goin' out back to beat each other up. Me, lurking bear, funky Bob, and the Fox are gonna rumble with the Descendinator, Steve the Squeeze, nerdz and keeptruupin. None of us may ever ski again - and it's your fault!@#$%^&*() : :
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Isn’t it hilarious how pissy everybody gets the last month before the snow falls?

I just hope it snows soon, before somebody gets hurt!!!!!
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Right on, lurker. Nothing like PMS - This is PSS. We'll all be dueling with short skis at 20 paces if it doesn't snow soon - then the posts will start: "Which ski is best to beat Alaskatomic over the head with?" "Is a soft ski better because it wraps further around a cranium with thick sidewall construction?" "Which bindings will pin the ears back most securely?" And we'll all run to Jeff Bergeron for the most agile boot construction for use in pre-season dog piles.

Anyway, I gotta go - Gotta take out some of this frustration. Where's that darned cat... Here kitty kitty kitty --See y'all later.
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