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Crystal (WA) conditions

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Have any NW folk been up to Crystal lately? How is the coverage? I've been favoring Stevens with our low snow coverage this year, because it seems to have less rocks and the entire mountain is open. I am thinking of hitting Crystal this weekend, but don't want to trash the skis or be stuck solely on groomers. Is it as rocky as I think it is?
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I was thinking about heading up there this weekend too until I talked to a couple of different people last Sunday at Alpental who had skied Crystal the day before. Some of the comments: "it sucked", "worse than terrible" "lots of rocks and bare gound".
With High Campbell & all back country gates closed and no new snow all week, I'm saving my 40 bucks and heading back to Alpy.
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I take it that coverage is decent at Alpental? How is International looking? Were the lift lines outrageous on Sunday? I don't go there much on weekends for fear of crowds, but maybe my fears are unfounded.
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Of course it could it be better, but not bad considering what a crappy winter we've hasd so far. 'Nash has decent coverage, except for the steeps at the top right. Adrenaline, Snakedance and, of course, the back country aren't open yet. The only spotty portion on 'nash was the transition from upper to lower, with a few rocks poking through. Below the cliff band was great skiing, with plenty of coverage. The crowds weren't bad on Sunday, maybe seven minutes at the longest on chair two, 1/2 that on the quad. After one o'clock, there were no lines at all. Monday was sweet- blue skies,cold temps and not a lift line in sight. Just checked the pass report and snow is falling so it looks good for tomorrow. Forecast is for rising snow levels on Sat, falling to 2500 ft on Sunday, so looks like Sunday's the day for this weekend.
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Yeah, Sunday looks the best. Thanks for the info.

If you want another option, I was at Stevens last Monday, and it was much better than I thought it would be. Based on your post, I think I'll try to avoid Crystal until the next storm (if there is a next storm this winter).
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Chronic, I was at Crystal last Sun. and it wasn't too bad compared to how it has been. We stuck to the groomers most of the time and avoided the rocks. We were able to ski grubstake, west face, snorting elk bowl and a few other off piste runs. Pray for snow.
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