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Cheap skiing in Utah?

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We are planning a trip to Utah this Xmas (Alta-Snowbird), - and will try to keep the expenses to min: will be sleeping in our car. Question to Utah skiers: what is the Utah resorts' policy about car camping? Is it difficult to find an overnight parking spot?

And are there places to take a shower?

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I'm not too sure about car camping in the Resort's parking lots. Particulary when you see signs like these:

Truthfully, the parking lots are not the best place to overnight as several are in avalanche paths and also tend to get plowed several times a night during big dumps!
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The Avalanch danger in the LLC is vary real. There are signs all along the road that leads up the Canyon warning not to stop due to Avalanch Danger. Over night camping in The park lot at Alta or Snowbird could be hazardous to your health. If the Ski Patrol declares an "Interlodge" Then you will be camping in the lobby along with a few hundred others. There is a RV camp ground in Sandy. It should be a short drive up the Canyon from The Ardell Brown Quail Run RV Park 1 801 255 9300. There is also inexpensive Dorm style rooms at Snowbird. You may also want to look into going up to Snowbasin and Powder Mountain. Theres a lot of National Forest Campgrounds near by and They will be far less crowded then any of Utahs Big Name Resorts.
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