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Snow Report For Fernie/Sunshine Village

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Hey everyone-

Going out to Fernie on Thur., Feb. 28. Just wondering what the conditions are like. heard there's been some rain, but is it still ok?

Anyone ski Delerium Dive at Sunshine? If so did you find a place to rent the shovel and transeivers? I heard theu y are required. What was the dive like? Thanks!
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the unofficial site. Ifyou have'nt stopped by, you should. The interactive trail map is to die for.

you could always go to http://www.skifernie.com/ for the official word.

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There was alot of new snow there for the Bears Gathering which ended on February 25, 2002. However, I am sorry to report that there are no freshies to be found because we all got them.

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Well the Bears skied there , Fernie, on Sunday with AC sking on Monday. The rain had a effect on the steeper slopes esp. in Lizard where, exactly per redtree you couldn't tell when you were going to hit hard stuff. The mellow stuff in the centre of the Lizard bowl was fine but pretty tracked. Curie was good even later on Sunday at least on the north side.
Sunshine should be great as it didn't get the rain. My wife skied out of bounds at Fortress and was skiing untracked pow 2 feet deep all day.

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Not as a flame or anything but most people who are able to ski the Dive would already own a transceiver and a shovel. If you ski Fernie first ski the Concussion chutes each of them, Concussion, Tom's .... Then ski the Saddle chutes that drop into Lizard from the track that gets you to the Concussion. If after that you say to your self something steeper and much longer would be better, you should move out west and buy a transceiver.

I mention skiing Fernie first as there's not that much at Sunshine thats that demanding other than over at the Goat to the left of the chair- Hells Kitchen. It would be hard to warm up to the Dive.

Now I have not skied the Dive, thats next year, but right now when I look at the Dive I get a warm wet feeling in the back of my shorts. Next year I'll get that same feeling looking down for the first time. Right now I'm at the point where I can hit a 10 foot cliff but not quite ready for the 20-25 footers.
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Thx for the info. As far as not having a transeiver and shovel. I live in Maine and am a Sr. in High School. Makes it kind of hard to just move out west. Secondly I'm hopefully going to school out west either in COlorado or Washington. As far as my skiing ability goes, just because I don't own a transeiver doesn't mean I can't ski. Maybe I'm worng, but Delerium Dive doesn't look that much harder than the Big Couilor at Big Sky which I skied when I was only a sophmore in high school on 195 strait skis. The traverse over looks a lot easier to be honest. Oh yeah, I only weighed 130 pds then and was 5 foot 8. Skied Tucks last year which is fairly steep but not to crazy. Anyway, all I'm saying is don't judge me because I don't own a 200 $$ transeiver and live in the east. Ok? Anyway, back to my point, anyone know where to rent a transeiver?

Doug- you were talking about cliff drops. From what I heard there is no real big drop into Delerium..or am I worng? Thx.
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The problem with renting a transiever is that it does not come with skills to use it. Which could be Ok if you are going with people who know what to do with them if you get buried. If everyone else is renting one in your group, it may not be such a hot idea.

If there is a place that does guided bc tours, they will probably rent you one if you go with them, which is probably a good idea if you are not able to evaluate the snowpack yourself.
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I defiantly agree. I assumed that Delerium DIve was patroled by SUnshine Village and only left open when avy danger was low. I wasn't planning to go out of bounds with it. I know that u had to rent equipment at big sky to ski the coulior, and assumed it was the same deal at Sunshine. Is that right..or not?
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If you can ski it then ski it only you know. Now some useful info. You can rent transceivers at U of Calgary's Outdoor Program Centre tel. (403) 220-5038. They have a ad in the Yellow pages which says " everyone is welcome" so should be set.

As far as knowing how to use the transceiver in the Dive area all you need to know is how to turn it on and have it in the transmitt mode. Your not going to be doing the searching the patrol is. Actually I believe that to get through the gate your transceiver has to be on i.e. its electronicaly manned.

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The sunshine website has the requirements posted, you need a shovel, a transceiver, and a buddy. You can rent everything but the buddy at the UofC. I know one or two people that you could rent, price of a lift ticket to ski the Dive with . Its steep but not that scary, no cliff drops. Everytime I showed up with my equipment it was closed. The one time its open i figured there wasn't enough snow for it to be open so I didn't bring the transceiver etc'.
As for the buddy thing there are lots of people skiing it so you can likely tag onto the end of a group. Next to a few places at goats eye its the only sphincter flexer at Sunshine.
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MEC or Mountain Equipment Coop also rents tranceivers. See www.mec.ca
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by kb1dqh:

As far as my skiing ability goes, just because I don't own a transeiver doesn't mean I can't ski. Maybe I'm worng, but Delerium Dive doesn't look that much harder than the Big Couilor at Big Sky which I skied when I was only a sophmore in high school on 195 strait skis.

Um, dude, you cant ski the big without a beacon, shovel, and partner. it requires a sign out with patrol and they usually want to see the gear unless they know you.

[edit] I almost forgot! Anyone going to be in Fernie from the 10 - 14 mar? wanna hook up with a tele skier with his own beacon, shovel, skins, the knowledge to use them, and a definite love of (mis)adventure? Let me know, i'll be there and looking to ski some pow, in or out of bounds! [/edit]

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dougw and leeroy are your men. They both know the area better than anyone we skied with up there.

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Ok, here it goes. FERNIE KICKS ASS. I guess you all knew that. I loved the mountain- it's fairly steep every where and has everything. My favorite inbounds spots were the trees to the left of the timber quad; I guess they're called big bang? I also loved the chutes opposite that saddles. They held the pow for ever. My bro and I also hiked OB out of siberia bowl into the trees which was sweet. We had unusally cold weather for the most part. (Most days were around 0 degrees tp 5 degrees F) We only got one real storm. It dumped a bit less than a foot, so the snow fall amounts for the trip were not huge. Anyway, Fernie was a fun montain to just explore. There was always a spot, even days after a storm, with untracked pow. Pretty much we skied everything except the Saddles which we were warned not to ski by the patrol and the locals. My bro and I were about to drop in, but then some locals came by and we asked them about it. They said that had to slip the whole thing the day before so we skipped that. They were a sheet of ice because of lack of snow. In any case it didn't matter because everything else was fun. After Fernie for 6 ski days we went to SUnshine Village for 2. I can't say I liked that mountain. The views were INCREDBLE, but the skiing pretty flat, even off Goats Eye. It was cool though because Sunshine is just a sweet place to be. As you've all mentioned before they don't rent transeievers and such at the base area and we couldn't go into Banf more than once which meant we couldn't rent the stuff. Oh yeah, and about Delerium. I don't see what all the hype is about. It looks like a killer place to ski, but it sure doesn't look that hard. We hiked to the top and looked down. It was fairly steep, but I think highly over rated. The Saddles at Fernie are MUCH harder, just a lot shorter. A lot of stuff at fernie was as steep as the dive. Just about all Blacks at fernie were steeper than all double blacks at Sunshine, except for the dive which deserves a double b, but not much more. ANyway, bottom line, IT WAS A SWEET TRIP and FERNIE OWNS! Gotta go.
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Ridge- would have loved to have hooked up with you but just got back! As far as the big goes I rented the tranciever and other items at the base area of Big Sky. I'll give a trip report tomorrow! Oh yeah- I skied it w/ the ski patrol once and my uncle once.
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