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Jay Peak Expansion

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I just got back from the ski shop around the corner and picked up a bunch of 2002-03 resort brochures for the subway ride home. I notice that the Jay Peak trail map has a pretty large piece of land staked out as a "proposed ski area expansion." It's located to the skier's left of Ullr's Dream/Beyond Beaver Pond and appears to be a 40-50% increase in acreage.

I checked on their website trail map, but it's not indicated there. Does anyone have info about this?
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If you check out Skiing Magazine(Gear Guide Edition), they have an article on Jay where they mention that in the next few years, they will be expanding their glade system into a bowl on that side of the mountain, and eventually building a chairlift over there.

Sorry, can't really remember much more than that, but they did not really give a lot of information on it.
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They added quad in place of old t-bar for this year. That area is planned expansion, not sure when it is supposed to be completed.
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