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Highest Eastern Ski Area

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I was suprised to find this out! If you don't already know, you'll be suprised too!
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Pretty cool web cam on that site - it updates quickly so you can actually watch people skiing.
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Hey - that is cool, they should put it down in the pipe so we can watch the carnage!

Heres an idea: a resort could put a webcam down in the bottom of a pipe or park, and then have a big text board at the bottom some people could watch on the net and send messages to the participents. Ah - come to think of it, the kinds of kids who mostly watch such things may not be typing things that a resort would want displayed in public!
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Check out the trail map... it's done in watercolors! James Niehues must have had that day off.
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Yep cool map and I just noticed - they have 7 chair lifts and 2 ground lifts, but only 15 runs! Must get pretty crowded! Hey, but they are skiing - more power to them. And they've got night skiing. Often good racers actually get their start on such hills (though clearly more in SL and GS than SG and DH!)

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Todd - Crowded, YES! I have waited in line almost 30 minutes for a chair there before.

Also, it is a miracle you can even see out of the web cam since it is almost always foggy there. We had a college race cancelled there a couple of weeks ago because you could not even see the first gate.

As for the halfpipe, there isn't one unless you like to ski in a ditch, but hey it's the closest thing I've got to home so I'll take it [img]smile.gif[/img]
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The picture of the girl in the funky green jacket and black pants was on Loveland's website for a few years (not currently). I wonder if they took the pic from their website or it is just a model skiing at another resort (neither Loveland or Beech)?
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Ski Beech Web Cam

Last tracks of the season through the mud in North Carolina. How sad. I hope those people did not pay for that! I did not make it to NC this season. It's worth a fix. Fortunately, however, I made a few other trips. I'll be heading to Utah the last weekend in March so hopefully their conditions are slightly better than those at Beech.

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"Ski Beech WANTS you to see for yourself just how great the conditions are here at the ski resort!"

Ha Ha HA HA HA hahahaha!

Thank God for jet aircraft. Ski season would be really sad without them. I went Grouse hunting up near Beech in February, I was wondering where all the cars with skis were going. There was no snow (or grouse) on the ground at all!
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