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First time at Sugarloaf, ME

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I will be hitting Sugarloaf for the first time somewhere during Dec. 26 - 29. I looking for the skinny on the place, everything from what trails not to miss to where to have my after skiing brew. Do you think the Snow Fields will be open by then? Thanks in advance for any pointers that any of you can give.
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There are two sides to the Snowfields -- front-side and back-side. The front-side actually has trails, and they might be open (White Nitro and Gondolier are up there). The back-side you have to hike for about 1 minute to get to -- I sincerely doubt that'll be open in December -- there are some big ol' nasty rocks under there.

I personally consider the whole mountain to be "don't miss". But "Tote Road" and "Narrow Guage" are two awesome groomer cruisers that'll take you top-to-bottom. Tote Road starts as blue, and Narrow Guage starts as black. They start side-by-side.

I don't have a trail-map handy... but the chair lift as far to skier's right as possible (King's something?) is definitely worth a visit.

You won't be bored at Sugarloaf.
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Totally awesome place! One of the only "commercialized" mountains that still retains a "classic resort" feel to it! Have a GREAT time, and we are going to expect a full trip report! [img]smile.gif[/img]

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There are two trails to avoid at all costs, for reasons of chronic iciness. White Nitro and Spillway are both unnecessarily wide, with extremely hard artificial snow. Man-Made snow on supersteep pitches like these tends to get scraped off with lightening quickness.

A few trails that are must skis if the snow is fresh are Bubblecuffer, Winter's Way and Powder Keg. Powder Keg is a snowfield run so it might not be open that early, but it does tend to fill up with snow very quickly compared to some other snowfield runs. Winter's Way is never groomed and is always on natural cover, with a good steep headwall and a big S-turn that gives the trail a good bit of character. Bubblecuffer is one of the oldest runs on the mountain, and possibly the best. It's headwall is a good 45° with narrow S-turns for it's whole length. Watch out for Hummer sized boulders and Volkswagen sized bumps though, or you'll get your bubble cuffed. lol

Like KevinF said, Narrow Gauge is an awesome speedball run. It is one of only two licensed F.I.S. Downhill Courses in NE (The other is "F.I.S." at Sugarbush), and has a good headwall about a third of the way down. It's one of the few runs in NE where the ski patrol ignores speedball skiing (some Others are "Dipper" at Burke, "Profile" at Cannon, and "F.I.S" at Sugarbush).

A trail I'm not too keen on is Skidder. They claim that it's the steepest mogul run in the east (which it definately is not), and as such it attracts a lot of people who really shouldn't be on it. They traverse and sideslip down, making the moguls really choppy and uneven. A much better mogul run is Haulback over on the King Pine lift.

since you're staying up there for a few days, check out Saddleback one day. It's about 15 miles west of Sugarloaf in the Town of Rangeley. It gets about 100" more snow per year, and is completely deserted. If sugarloaf is getting skied off by the christmas crowds you can find much fresher snow at saddleback. Saddleback also has snowfields, which fill in much faster than those at Sugarloaf, but you have to scramble up a couple hundred feet to reach them. (It's worth it)

Have fun up there.
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