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Stowe/Smuggler's question

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If I go to Stowe, is it worth my while to take the connection to Smuggler's Notch and do a couple of runs over there? Does it take a while to do the connection and are there any restrictions (can I only do one run or do I have to pay extra?).

Stowe might be the place for me to go this weekend. Any suggestions as to what to do?
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Sorry I can't answer that one for you. I never tried that particular stunt. But Stowe itself should be good this weekend. Tons of snow up there, and a little more predicted this weekend (along with that stuff that begins with R).
Maybe Oboe can pick this up.
PS : On the trail map that "connection" looks like one helluva trek on alpine skis.
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If you buy a multi-day ticket to stowe(3-day)
you wil get a pass to exchange for a ticket to smugglers.The trek over is easy this time of year,there is usually plenty of snow.Then just ski down to ticket booth and they will give you a ticket good for the day.Its ok over there I only tried it once.You need to access it from Spruce Peak which is across from Stowe.If the lift gets closed because of wind etc they will run a bus back to spruce though its a 45min ride.Have fun
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