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Best time to ski Fernie

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Greetings all,
I'm looking for some advice as to the best time to ski Fernie. Does the snow fall consistently through the season or is there a period when there is more likely to be (hopefully) consistent powder.

Any and all advice appreciated,
Many thanks,

Pray for good snow,
Ciao Iain
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I would go in January. For the best information go to
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Feb 22-25, 2002
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Anyone who knows Fernie?
I´m planning a season there, but I don´t even know where to start looking for a place to stay and so on.
Or even how I get there, driving will be tough, I´m from Sweden!
So if any of you have advise to give (I know you have) I would apreciate it!
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For info on Fernie check out Craig's sites - basicaly a ski report with pictures and he's pretty picky.
He also has listings of rentals on the site. Good place to start.
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don't wait, you will miss out on all reasonable accomidation. Come early or arainge something prior to comming. Most of the good Fernie web sites are on my link page, some have accomidations listed. go to my site and drop me a line with details of what you are looking for and I will keep my eyes open

Steve Kuijt
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