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New name for Volkl P40

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The lime green Volkl P40 (or P41?) seemed to be a a great seller in BC last year. I have heard that this year they are calling it the P4. Can anyone confirm that they have indeed changed the name but that it is the same ski. Thanks.<FONT size="1">

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Are you writing about the G40-41? Which is the G4? Veeeeeeeeeeeeertigo series?
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The P50's replace the P40's. The P40 F1 Energyrail that you mentioned was replaced by the P50 F1, which is the exact same ski with a different cosmetic.
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The P50 and P40 series is their RACE series. The Verdigo (sp) is their all mtn. series.
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G40 seems to be the all-mountain ski that I really am looking for. Has that become the G4?
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