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Mammoth Mountain Early Season

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Does anyone have any detailed experience with early season conditions (Nov. 22-30) at Mammoth? I've been there in the spring several times but need more info about the early season before I decide on moving my race camp there. If you have experience with early season race training at Mammoth or know someone who does, I'd love to hear about it. I need to make a decision within a week so time is a factor here!

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Plenty here will be more helpful than I'll be BUT...

they shoot for early November opening. Assuming lack of real stuff, they'll make enough to get the Broadway area covered. I've been there mid-November with enough real stuff to make it an enjoyable day but don't count on the upper reaches having much. As always, you're relying on Ms. Nature. Not always easy to forecast.

Luckily, they ARE pretty dependable as far as getting SOME decent natural coverage that time of year. Stay tuned here; others will be more informative.
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Mammoth has had pretty good conditions the last six years around Thanksgiving. Last year the Top was open with excellent windblown snow in the Wipeouts, not to mention Cornice Bowl. However, there was not enough snow to open Canyon Lodge until the Sunday after. Most year's we manage to get the Canyon area open for Thanksgiving. Expect a shallow mix of man made and natural snow, with the best skiing being found in windloaded gullies off of Chairs 3 and 23. If there are race camps scheduled, they give the Ralphies, Fascination, Far West area quite a bit of attention with the snow guns, often at the expense of conditions on the rest of the hill.
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i would recomend waiting until decemember unless they get a big dump el nino style. Mammoth is sweet, check out their forum - they be able to tell you more.

But generally when they open, its mostly man made snow and broadway is the first run and lift open.
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