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I traveled from Mt Shasta and stayed overnight in Klamath Falls, OR, on Rt 97, mostly because that's what I could find online. It was an easy on/off the road to the Econolodge there but small local motels can be found closer to the Mt, though the "towns" are very small (blink you missed it).

Anyway, after a day of skiing at Mt Shasta, I did a day at Mt Bachelor. I was quickly out of breath, in more ways than one. It is a spectacular scene from the top (the glacial like snow there looks like a big cloud). This mountain's trail ratings are perhaps closer to a European model or at least not one familar to an Eastern skier. If you want to find a Western experience, it probably is here, but if you're tired, greens start looking like blues and so on, at least on the main part of the mt. toward the main lodge. Trails are wide and many groomed, if wind covered and merely looked "packed" all day. Many wide and excellent blues down from the speedy Pine Martin quad lift. Believe there are 10 total lifts and the top elevation is over 9K ft. More trees than you seen in Europe but they get fewer and fewer toward the top till nary a one.

I was wishing 1) I was in better shape and 2) I overall skied better. If that's you, definitely go here -- but most of you know that, already.

I really liked the internet cafe in town. Gotta check that e-mail! Shasta had a cuter village, though.