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Denver Intl to Vail

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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR> Sunday (02\12\01) <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Uummm...isn't it a little late to figure that out now?

Speaking not as a local with lots of knowledge, but a frequent traveler to DIA, I'd look at one of the half-dozen or so shuttle bus services that run regular routes up to the mountain. Resort Express is one. There is one that is affliated with United Airlines and can be booked when you book your flight ticket. I don't have numbers or costs, maybe one of the Denver locals can provide????
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Denver Intl to Vail


What is the best, cheapest, quickest way to get from Denver International to Vail at 7:00pm on a Sunday (02\12\01)

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I guess you could always hang out by the car rental counters and ask for a ride, other than that http://www.cmex.com/cme/rateswinter.cfm

although probably not cheap or fast!
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Thanks all

Thats 2nd December 2001. (another languagism)

The "hang out by the hire counter" sounds interesting.

"be first" [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Hook up with SnoKarver. He'll give you a ride on his way back to the mountains - he comes down every weekend to see his #1 girl.

There's a shuttle. It can't be more than $50.00
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Colorado Mountain Express. Their website is at cmex.com. I think SCSA is right and it runs about $50 - $60.
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man from oz,

Be sure to drop a line when you're at Vail. You could meet some Bears for a few turns.
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