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Acorn Inn park city

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staying at acorn inn park city in mid jan - is there a place near by for rentals - anyone no of best deals for lift tickets - I am getting the 20.02 deal - sounds good - also is it easy to get to the 3 ski areas park city, deer valley, canyons

any other advise greatly appreciated this is my first time skiing out side of Wisconsin - am bringing my 15 year old son - can't wait

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The Acorn Lodge is located just below the Main Parking Lot at PCMR, so your location is excellent for rentals - just walk across the lot and you've got your pick of all the rental shops. I'd try PC Sport or Aloha as they're the closest to where you'll be staying.

Get ready, since the mountains out this way beat the heck out of the "hils" back your direction (I went to school at Lawrence in Appleton!) [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Yes, free shuttle through town to Park City and Deer Valley. Canyons runs one, too, which I saw with greater frequency than ever before. Makes it very easy to get to all three.
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sphrrt and ryan - thanks for your help
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If your trip happens to be during the dates of The Sundance film festival( Jan 10th-20th) The Town will be packed with PIB's( People in Black)I wonder why film makers always seem to wear black? The ski runs will all but be empty.The flim makers don't seem to enjoy skiing or the outdoors much either.The festival is always fun,It might be a good idea to book some restaurant reservations now, if that is the time of your visit.Try Alex's Bistro good french food and good prices.Alex's is a locals favorite.Some of our biggest snows happen during Sundance,we call it the Sundance effect.So the chances are good that there will be some deep powder skiing then.
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