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Canaan Valley this weekend

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Who's out there at Canaan? I'm coming up this weekend from Fri. to Sun. and would love any feedback anybody has on conditions at both Canaan, and Timberline. I'm inclined to spend most of my time at Timber. What do you guys suggest?
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http://www.dcski.com/ubb/Forum5/HTML/000084.html (ignore the posts after the topic started to wander)
http://www.dcski.com/ubb/Forum5/HTML/000080.html (a rpt from abt a week ago)

Tom / PM
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Skiied Timberline this past Friday/Sat. I would stay at Timberline- apparantly Canaan is having some sort of problem with their snowmaking and has very little terrain open. Timberline was not bad considering that it had just rained for 2 days. They have a good base and did a good job grooming everything.
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Thanks for the heads up guys.
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