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Hydration Pack: Insulated or Not?

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Hello All,
Planning on buying a hydration pack(that has room for a sandwich and a light extra layer). Not sure if it should be insulated or not. Any thoughts, comments or suggestions? Thanks.
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Check out the Backcountry Access Stash pack. It's small, low profile (easy to wear on a lift), the tube is insulated, and the tube zips into the shoulder strap.

I wear one of these all the time now, perfect for an extra layer, pair of goggles, BCA shovel/probe combo, and lunch. I've had it out on days that were near 0 F and the only time it's ever frozen was once when I forgot to zip the tube back into the sholder strap.
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I have an un-insulated one (and I've even added neoprene to the tube (but not the valve)...And the number of bloody days where by 9am the the valve is rock solid drives me nuts - in Oz or Europe or US....

Next time (and it is nearly next time)...No question...INSULATED....

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you both talk about the tube and/or bite valve freezing. is it more important to have just the tube(and valve) insulated and not worry about the bladder? thanks. btw, i don't know if it matters, but i'm not using this for backcountry stuff. i just want access to water and space to put a few things.

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The tube or bite valve freezing/insulated is NOT so important because you can always blow air back into the tube after you drink to keep it full of air. This is just a matter of habit. The neoprene cover is a pain to shift between bladders if you have more than one and like to really clean yours out in between trips.

The important part is to keep ice out from the bladder because it will 1) chunk up the tube pick-up 2) it will brace the sidewalls of the bladder keeping it from deflating, so that no water comes over the shoulder and you suck air.

In my BD Attack Pack, there's room enough to wrap a fleece cover 'round the bladder, and to shove in a iron oxide heat pack. Basically, find a pack that fits your other needs and a little bit of ingenuity and habit modification can keep you from sucking ice.

Off the shelf, the Stash packs are great, I've borrowed one before, but until this season, they haven't been big enough for all the stuff I seem to wind up hauling (because no one else wants to, the back of my hand to them!)

(Edited to say that I'm fortunate enough to date a fast-skiing seamstress who can make a fleece cover for _ANYTHING_ in about 10 minutes)

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