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Conditions in New England - Thanksgiving

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we're looking to ski the thanksgiving weekend. only thing really open right now is

- Killington
- Okemo
- Sunday River

Anyone able to report on the conditions at those locations (or anywhere else that is good)? I'd love feedback right up until November 23rd!

Thanks in advance,
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Yep crap, with a chance of scattered crap, partly crappy and 50°.
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That's all a Bunch-O-Crap! There will be a crapload of crappy skiers skiing like crap all week long on that crap, and then standing around in the liftline to do it all over again. So IMHO, it's a crapshoot. I'm staying home to so some crap around the house instead. :
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There is always Tremblant - crap with a French twist.

The French part is the good part: nice food and drink, nice entertainment, nice people, cool village.

But the skiing will be crap.
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Crappiest? (let's see who can find it)__________________________.
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Oh Crap!! At least you guys have a crappy choice. It's f*ing 70 degrees all weekend here in the mid atlantic. It'll be at least 2 more weeks before we have anything. :
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Anyone have a mountain board? Grass skis perhaps?
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The three you mentioned, Killington, Okemo, and Sunday River were the most agressive in building base depths when they did have some cold weather to work with, so they will be the best bets. Okemo will have suffered the most through this warm spell just because it tends to be warmer there. We are going to have some fairly cold nights coming up after this weekend, so look for both Killington and Sunday River to go all out to resurface and expand their trails. Thanksgiving weekend is always big at Killington, as it is at Sunday River because of Demo Days that they always have, so both of them want to put their best foot forward for that weekend so not to dissappoint the large number of people that typically start their season off on that holiday weekend.
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Originally posted by Carvemeister:
Crappiest? (let's see who can find it)__________________________.
I got crappiest right here http://www.7springs.com/mountaincams.shtml
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Kieli, I doing pretty much the same thing you are, waiting to the last minute and watching the websites and the weather channel. Last weekend the cover at Killington was outstanding, but I'm sure they lost some. A buddy of mine just got back from Sunday River and said they had lost a lot, spring skiing all week. I haven't ruled out Stowe, either. They got a lot of snow there in the last 10 days, 18-30 inches according to their website, and while I'm sure they've lost some, that's still a good start. Will have to see how willing they are to make snow in the next few days, as Thanksgiving is not a big holiday for the ski crowd up there, but if the skiing is lousy, at least there's lots of other things to do to keep you busy. As and added bonus, you could always ski a day at Sugarbush as they plan to open for Thanksgiving, but I'm not expecting much to be open there. The new owners there don't seem to give a rats ... about getting the mountain open, I can't really figure out why they bought the mountain in the first place. Everyone else is blowing snow every chance they get after Nov. 1st, and these people don't even start dragging the snowguns out till three days before they plan on opening. Go figure.
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I spent the day @ Tremblant yesterday.

Sun, 4 micro trails open, no-one there. As my friend said

"What do people do on a day like today if they can't ski?"

Conditions don't matter at this time of the year in the East, anything besides rocks and grass is a plus. View was magnificent, a low fog covering the lake and valley, the tops of hills poking through here and there.

We skied for 3 hours, stopped up top to have a coffee and catch up with all the die-hards that were out. Had a great time. I only wish I could be back there today but work intervened.

It's supposed to get even warmer Monday, then colder through the rest of the week. Maybe snow late in the week/weekend. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Originally posted by skieast:
...Sun, 4 micro trails open, no-one there. As my friend said
"What do people do on a day like today if they can't ski?"...
Conditions don't matter at this time of the year in the East...
Agreed. Maybe have 2 more trails open by Thanksgiving. Sounds good to me until you add 5,000 people to your skierless utopia.

We skied for 3 hours, stopped up top to have a coffee and catch up with all the die-hards that were out. Had a great time.
If I had a season pass, and didn't have to rent a room I'd bang in for a day and do the same thing.
But I sure as hell wouldn't want to pay to take the whole family skiing anywhere in the east this Thanksgiving. I'm dying to get in a few runs, but I'm not out of my mind.

kieli, Don't do it!
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I'm just back from Okemo and conditions are not good.(and to make matters worse I was taken out by a ##$$!!!snowboarder--knocked me clear out of my skiis and across the hill). Okemo has lost a lot of the cover they had on Monday when keili and I skied there. If they get the rain that is predicted for Tuesday night, I don't see how they can stay open. I really hope I'm wrong on this, but Thanksgiving is looking grim. I won't ski anywhere in New England until snowmaking has resumed.
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I just got back from Sugarbush/Mad River and I drove thru Stowe...sadly there is no snow...It looked like some of the trails had some coverage but it doesn't look very good for this weekend...Sorry
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There is a little something forecast, but tonight it is so warm with a breeze, I'm wondering. Well, I've just had 2 days skiing, after leaving an australian "spring" with damn hot conditions. Yesterday I skiied Stowe. They have one run open, it's very long and is off the quad, that's all I know. cover was good! But it was way too hot. Today I had a great day at Killington. PSIA were hosting us to a day's skiing, they had a few runs open, we went up the gondy and then headed to some runs called the glades, although they were normal open runs. All moguls, and rather fun I have to say. Saw Sugarbush and MRG, there was snow on their runs but it appeared that they needed more.
It'll come. But this week's forecast is for light stuff, not the megadump we'd like.
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Save your enthusiasm for Spring when the skiing will be great and the slopes deserted. For now, let the bozos have their fun on the overcrowded slopes (no offense to you, Ant)!

[ November 24, 2003, 08:46 PM: Message edited by: arcadie ]
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Something tells me kieli asked for advice, but didn't exactly listen. :
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Forecast looks bad for this weekend still.. highs in the mid 40s and possible rain.
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thanks everyone for your feedback... and now (drumroll please) for the report of the MOST CRAPTASTIC skiing on the east coast!!!

We went to Sunday River - because of the demo weekend... hey for $5 bucks why not ski on their skis?

Friday the conditions were sketchy at best (read: rocks and grass patches with lotsa bamboo markers). It was SOOOOO damn foggy and seemed like rain would begin so we knocked off about 12.30pm.

Then it POURED... like a frickin monsoon. We went to a matinee movie.

Saturday am we figured "what the heck" and went to check out the hill. We paid the 5 bucks to demo skis and ventured out. I was a BILLY GOAT on skis. It wasn't skiing - it was ORIENTEERING. [img]tongue.gif[/img]

My friend was asked if he learned anything (he wants to buy new skis)... he replied "yeah I learned which ones turn best on grass.". [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]

The highlight of my day was the first run when I realized there was a mud river running through the flats that led to the lifts. This meant I'd have to keep up enough speed through the GRANITE bump field (no grooming happened the night before in the rain) to be able to JUMP across the mud river. You can all let out a sigh of relief - I MADE IT! [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]

It was actually fun... in a weird way. gave us some challenge... the trails were easy and there was limited terrain... the rocks, grass, and mud provided an interesting obstacle course.

Hoping for something better - next weekend we're off to Sugarloaf.


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This happens every year. Where are all these people on the last day of the season when the skiing is fabulous and there are maybe 10 people on the hill?
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