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spring break skiing

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i know it's a ways in the future...
three friends and i are considering a ski trip out west over our spring break -- march 15-24. none of us have ever been out west to ski. considerations:
-relatively inexpensive (we're college students)
-location -- it's going to be quite a drive, but 22 hours is much more appealing than 30... we'll be coming from the midwest (think chicago)
-nightlife -- not too important...quieter town could almost be better. we'll be there to ski.
-good terrain for three intermediate to advanced boarders and one advanced skier.
-we'll be there only 3 or 4 days, probably...maybe 5. it all comes down to how much cash we can scrape up.
any suggestions at all would be very much appreciated. we really have no idea where would be the best place to go. what should we know before we go? how much should we expect to pay for lodging/tickets? etc..
thanks in advance.

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I'm from Chicago, go to college out here in California and have done the drive a bunch of times. Colorado is gonna be the easiest state to get to. From Chicago, you can reasonably do the drive to Denver in a (very long) day. It's about 1000 miles to Denver, but there's nothing but interstate (I80 then 76) and the speed limit's 75 after you hit nebraska. It'd take maybe 14-16 hours depending on your tolerance for fast driving and of course weather. The problem with the other possibilities like Utah, Wyoming, or California is that you've gotta do significant driving through places that are in the middle of nowhere and get vicious winter storms that can close the interstate and leave you stranded with no place to go. Exits are only like every 30 miles on that road in Wyoming. That's pretty much the end of my expertise as i've done all my skiing in either california or wisconsin. Good luck, sounds like a fun trip.
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Summit County.

'Nuff said.
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Hi AUX, Sounds like you guys are going to have a great time on your trip. -- I would like to suggest that you look at basing yourselves in Glenwood Springs, Co. and you will be able to ski seven ski hills from there(hour's drive or less). There are many reasons to reccomend this town but here are just a few that I noticed on three trips there last season.
1. The available ski hills are: Vail, Beaver Creek, Aspen, Aspen Highlands, Buttermilk, Snowmass, and Sunlight. That's 12,500 acres of lift served terrain to ski!
2. Glenwood Springs is a 'real' town and only reflects the cost of mountain living; not the utterly inflated prices of some of the 'resort' alternatives. It is a resort town in its own right, but winter is its off season to some extent.
3. Glenwood Springs is about the same altitude as Denver, so altitude problems should not be an issue your first couple of nights there.
4. 6 of the seven ski areas are accessed by all weather divided highways that are kept in the best condition possible by the state.
5. Prices there can be held to a minimum by doing some bargain hunting at their website, or calling their chamber of commerce. Give the Hostel there a look. They sell discounted lift tickets to guests and have private rooms available for a reasonable sum. Check them out at www.hostelcom.
6. The weather there in GS is often better than it is up high in the mountains. I found it refreshing to return to town and not have to deal with the freezing and snow at the ski resorts last spring. Mid to late March often brings moderating temperatures to GS.
7. There are many alternative activities to take part in around town. Many of them you won't find adveritsed anywhere, but the folks at the hostel were always willing to help in planning whatever activity that came to mind.(There are usually a number of college age people at the hostel.)
Hope you have a great time, and if you should need some additional info, just drop me a line.
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Glenwood Springs is an excellent choice. Also, link to www.coloradoski.com/gems/index.cfm
and sign up for a free gems card (near the bottom of the page}. You can get ticket discounts at Sunlight, Ski Cooper and Powderhorn.
Good luck and have fun!
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Dillon or Frisco, CO would also be good choices. Like Glenwood Springs, you aren't at the base of any mountain, but you are within striking distance of several. Also much cheaper than staying at say Vail or Breck, and since you have a car it won't really matter.
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