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K2 Mach

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Well folks i have a new question for all of you now. It is regarding the performance of the K2 Mach. As some of you knwo who responded to my last post one of my friends is looking for a new pair of skis. I found a pair of K2 mach carving skis on the internet for very cheap and iw as wondering how well they performed. these are the regular mach ski (100-63-89) not the mach g or the mach s. Im just curious as to how far below the other two models the mach falls, and if its performace would suit an advanced skier that was aspiring to becaome a better skier. Id love to hear from any of you that have skied this ski. And if there is anyone out there that can give me a comparison of the mach to the previous season's G5 that would also be very much appreciated.
Later everyone
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I don't know the ski, but I believe it was closer to the G4 than the G5. Probably more suited to a good intermediate, but a good ski none the less.

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I have used the Patriot G5 for a season in a 181. They were ex rental skis with about 15 days on them, I use them as my rock skis. After dumping the demo bindings and replacing them with decent ones (mounted in the correct place!) have found they are a great groomed/hard piste ski. I am a reasonable intermediate and find them very quick edge to edge, but quite damp if thats the right word compared to my Olin Apex NT's. They also are not so good in chopped up or soft snow, I suppose its the narrow waist, but on hard snow and icy stuff they are excellent.

Sorry, but can't compare to the mach, but did try the Mach g, which I didn't like at all, but i think they were tuned rather badly, however seemed much stiffer than the G5, but were much shorter.

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