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Driving from Jackson Hole to Sun Valley

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Hi all,
In a few weeks, I'll be driving from Jackson Hole to Sun Valley. MapQuest says this is a 244 mile trip and takes 7 hours. I'm a little suspicious of that time estimate, 244 miles sounds closer to 4+ hours to me.

I've done the drive from Jackson to Big Sky and to Grand Targhee, so I'm familiar with the pass through the Tetons and the roads in Idaho, which, while not major highways are pretty open and rural, so you can sustain a comfortable pace.

Anyone have any experience with the drive? Assuming no weather issues, is the MapQuest time estimate a bit conservative? I'm thinking it's based on posted speed limits. I'm not a leadfoot and I'm not trying for the land speed record, but I will drive at a steady pace if the roads allow it. Any shared knowledge, advice or tips will be appreciated. Thanks.
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I did that drive in March, 1969, and it took us about 10 hours because the river was flooded across the road. In places we were "feeling" our way through the dark for 1/2 mile through water 8-10" deep. That was a spring warm spell after a very heavy snow fall. I doubt you will see similar problems this year.

I also crossed the same road last summer and I believe the Mapquest estimate is very conservative.Prbably do it in a little over 4 hours.
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I'm not sure what the roads are like all the way to SV. I know the roads to JH from Denver were pretty sketchy on the last stretch. Mostly snowcovered and felt like we were just driving haphazardly through a barren wasteland of open cattle ranches. That was fun

I also remember that once over the pass and into ID, you go through alot of small towns where the speed limit drops to 25 & 35 alot. This could be part of the problem. I know for a fact that Mapquest figures 55 mph max, even on open interstate that may be 65 or 70 posted speed limits. They also figure in alot of "rest time" on their driving times. I'm sure someone more familiar with the roads there can chime in.
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I did that drive during the 00-01 season and I would have to say that it would be between your estimate and the one at mapquest. The area through the 'moonscape' could probably be pretty bad if there was snow around. The wind was blowing like crazy the day I went through, but the roads were dry. It certainly is not your everyday 'cruise', but can be done in a reasonable amount of time. I would average your estimate and the one from mapquest and call that a good estimate(guess). The day I did it, I left Sun Valley about 3:00 PM and got to Jackson after dark(I don't remember the exact time). I wasn't in a big hurry, but it seemed like a LONG way.

Good Luck!!! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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I grew up in eastern idaho, Idaho Falls to be exact.
Jackson is 90 minutes from IF.
Sun Valley, is close to 3 and half hours from IF.
The roads in that part of idaho are posted between 60-65. The road betwen Idaho Falls and Arco to the west can get boring, nothing but sage brush, and it does get wind swept.
The moonscape as some refered to is actualy a nationl mounment, called Craters of the Moon. Some of the astronauts for the moon trips trained there.
Your best bet, do the drive in the day light hours. the small towns of Carey and Arco, roll the sidewalks around 5pm

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