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Alta's Eddie's High Nowhere and Gunsight

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I'm going to be at Alta in the middle of Feb. and have heard that theses are runs not to be missed. However, they're not on the trail map. I understand that they're both about a 10 minute hike over the ridge off the right side of the High Traverse. The question is how far down the High Traverse to go before hiking. Are they between Yellow Trail and East Greeley, East Greeley and Greeley Bowl or past Greeley Bowl? Anyone willing to earn free beers and meet up with us for a friendly guided tour?
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Depending on when your around, I might be able to help you out.

Hope your cool with the "pucker factor."
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We're going to be in SLC skiing 2/19 through 2/22. We'll probably hit Alta on Thur. 2/19 but are relatively flexible. I'll pm you as we get closer to the date and we know more about our schedule.
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Out of curiosity spurred by memory issues, is it kosher to keep ascending from the top of Eddie's High?

It has been 8ish years since I got up there, and I remember that once at the top of the bootpack from the high traverse, there's a rope (was?) up the rocks to the right. I seem to remember deciding that patrol used it to get -off- the rocks after doing control work, as I don't remember there being a gate to get up there from the top of Germ, where the traverse splits (or thereabouts) on either side of the ridge.

There's only one skiable looking shot (by my definition from up on top, the angled little "chute" off the ridge - but I cannot remember for the life of me if there was a "closed" sign

Altaskier? Thoughts? More of a curiosity than anything else.


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I know of that rope your talking about. It was there last year, but have not really felt like making that hike this year. Hiking is done in the back country for me when I know if I'm putting the booter in, I get the fresh tracks. Anyway, I believe there is a "Closed/Avalanche Danger" sign about 15 feet up. Which would dictate you would be in for a discussion with the Alta Patrol. Not positive on the sign though.

Even if you can go up there, not so sure I really would want to. I can't think of any "skiable" routes from up there, nor would I really want to climb an fairly exposed ridgeline with no snow on it in ski boots. Maybe AT boots, but there would have to be some damn good snow up there for me to do it in ski boots.

Ohh, on a related note, I never can remember any of the names of anything I ski. I've skied them all, but call them all other names at times. Usually depends on who shows you the shots for the first time. Also, there are a lot of shots out here that have the "Resort" name for the tourists, and the "Local's" name which tells a whole different story. Usually names that can't be printed on trail maps for PR reasons.

Here are a couple of shots of the run in question taken last year, if I can get them to work:

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Thanks! I can't find a picture of what I had in mind, but
it is a 15ish foot wide band of snow that connects the top
of the ridge to the upper bowl, descends off the middle of
the rocks to skier's right.

There kinda has to be a "don't go there" sign, I certainly
would have gone up given the chance (if for nothing beyond the
view, not like it is bad from the top of the bootpack).

There might be other ways off, but none that I can
think of which would keep you largely on the ground - I like
steep, I like narrow, but I like snow. Not so into air
these days.

ANYWAY, thanks! I'll go look in March....

Iain(to clarify, "by my definition" was meant to read "some of you lunatics might see more possibilities, but I only see one"
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The shot I'm thinking of is not really visible in this picture - the shadowy notch directly under "AstroPax" at the top.

I seem to remember looking at that and thinking "that'd be cool."

Dunno; it has been a while.

Iain (skier's left, not right)
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