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cheap lodging at Jay Peak

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I posted this the first time in the wrong forum...I think.

Can anyone suggest an inexpensive place to stay at Jay Peak. I will be heading there the end of March and the cheapest place I have found so far is $190.00 per day and that is not on the mountain. I am not familiar with the area so I don’t know any local Hotels/Motels. Any info would be helpful.
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Don't know if you are near Boston, but BSSC is doing a weekend trip the last weekend of March. $299 for transportation, lodging, 2 day lifts, 2 breakfasts and one dinner. The hotel is right on mountain.
here's the link
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granpa grunts is 10 minutes away from jay and is $25 a night. do a search on yahoo and you can get directions and a phone number. paying $190 a month for lodging near jay peak is getting taken, off mountain lodging is pretty inexpensive up there.
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BSSC sounds like a good deal but unfortunately I will be going the 19,20 and 21 of March.
I tried a search for Granpa Grunts but could not find anything related to lodging, if you know the town it is located in or a number I would appreciate it. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
I could not believe when the quoted me that rate!! I told them I just want to stay for a couple nights not buy a Time Share. :
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oops, slight spelling mistake. it's actually spelt "grampa grunts lodge" and it's located in montgomery center. here's some more info:

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Some of the lodges on the Rte. 242 are 80 per person per night including lift tix.
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What I've done before is just drive up on a Friday night after work and go straight to the hotel at the base of the mountain. If the hotel isn't full, you can usually get a good rate b/c they would rather get a little money then nothing at all. I believe that it was $150 for 2 nights w/2 beds (that would be $75/night).

This is iffy though since there is always a chance that the hotel could be full. As long as there isn't a storm around the time you are going, mid-march shouldn't be a full house at the hotel.
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The Hotel Jay is the way to go. Call ahead and get a room. They have great package deals with room, meals and passes, 50 yards from the tram. You can probably get a nights lodging and two lift tickets for $80-100.
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When we visited Jay in early January (quiet week), we stopped at the desk of the Jay Hotel for rates. They had a special for a room and lift ticket for $99 pp. This was at around 2pm in the afternoon. Snows like crazy there!!! Enjoy-
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Thanks for the info. I have called a few of these places and it seems like I will be able to book lodging between $50 - $100 depending on distance and extras like food or tickets.
I am excited about skiing Jay! Once again thanks for the information. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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