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Park City

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Going to Park City late this month or next.Whats it like?Skiing,food,partying?Using a free house slopeside.Need a car?
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If you are staying in town then you really don't need acar there is free bus service with in the Park City Limits. There is also a shuttle bus between The Canyons and Park City.
As far as clubs go Harry O's has live music and d j's, Cisero's also has live music and d j's. Then there is O Shucks a funky friendly Bar and the No Name Bar.They are all on Main St.The skiing is usally pretty good in March.Late march can be some of the best skiing of the season.and early April can be fun if we get a late storm or two. however the resorts are set to close around April 15th.If the snow is good The Canyons and Park City might stay open longer by one or two weeks.Have fun on your visit to Park City.

The Best skier in the world is the One with the biggest smile. Utah49
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Ya try O' Shucks, for a taste of a true LOCALS BAR. Scary o's (Harry O's ) is to up 'townish' for alot of the ski bummin public.
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Thanks folks for the info,its greatly appreciated
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Can you believe the other true local s bar closed as well. i'am talking about the Club, next to the MO.
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