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volkl 724 Pro new dimensions vs vertigo motion performance

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How do you guys think the Volkl 724 Pro new dimensions will change the performance of the ski? Since it is slightly wider it should be better powder ski but will it give up some performance in turn initiation? The vertigo motion dimensions are tail 96, waist 70, tip 108 vs 724 Pro dimensions of tail 104, waist 77, tip 115. How does the vertigo motion do in powder? I have not purchased skis in like 6 years and was looking to update to more modern skis. I ski mostly in midwest such as ohio, Indiana with an occassional trip to PA Seven Springs. I am looking to try a real ski trip out west or Vermont. I am going to try to take at least one real ski trip every year for rest of my life, (hopefully). The other skis I have been looking at are the Volkl 5 stars, Elan mantis m12, Head 70. I am currently skiing Salomon Super Force 9 2s in 200cm. My knees also become like jelly or mush after a few hours but they have been gaining strength and healing up good after the many years of taking a break from skiing. I would like to have a ski that can really perform with super easy turn initiation due to my weak knees. I am glad I discovered this forum.

Thanks Nathan
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You would enjoy the 5 stars the most in the midwest, but would like the pro's better out west. If you are skiing more at home.... I'd recommend the 5 stars in a 161 or 168 length.

You won't be disappointed either way, just make sure you don't buy one's that are too long.
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Haven't skied the 724 yet, but I've spoken to people that have. From what I've been able to find out, these skis perform fairly well on the groomed, but they're designed primarily for aggressive skiers that ski more off piste, and probably not a good choice as an everyday ski for someone with week knees that skis mostly in the midwest, especially if if you are only going to own one pair of skis. The other models that you mentioned are all good skis that I have tried with the exception of the Elan, but are fairly demanding on the body and perform better when skied aggressively, and I would hesitate to recommend them to anyone who is looking for a more relaxing ride. It's tough for me to recommend a ski to somebody that I'm not familiar with, but if I have to pull one out of my hat judging from what you've told me, I'd probably go with the Head IC 160. Very user friendly, easy turn entry, good on ice, performs well at slow or high speed, and wide enough to float through all but the deepest powder. This was Peter Keelty's ski of the year on his website (techsupportforskiers.com), based mostly on it's universal appeal. I currently ski on a pair of the Head IC 180's which is a slightly more demanding version of that ski, and I haven't found and area that it doesn't excell in. There are also some good deals to be had on this years model, and next years' version hasn't changed except for the graphics.
Good luck
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I am 6"6 and wt 220. I think I should probably ski the longest ski any manufacture makes is this correct such as G3 190cm or 182cm in the 5 star? I use to be a fairly good skier with strong technical skills and this past season I was suprised after many years of being away it came back like riding a bike. I blame marker bindings today for some of my knee problems. I think solomon bindings have been knee friendly too me but there could be better bindings out now a days. I know I should consider more forgiving skis due to my weak knees but man they can really make skiing boring when the ski can't keep up with me and starts chattering when up to speed. I originally thought about the atomic 9.18 but then I have been thinking they would be too soft for my taste but I could probably have a blast on them and dance around the mountain. I recently have been turned on with the volkl line after reading many positive post. My size and weight helps me manage the stiffer skis okay. When I can't bend at the knees after a couple of hours skiing, I can use some of my height as leverage to flex the ski and turn. Some times when my knees need a break I will just cruise fast and not turn much for a few runs.
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Nathan, Yes another Volkl man. I love my G3's even more then the G31's and before that G30's. I'm 195lbs. 6ft, 48y/o and have a blast no 177cm. I would caution you on getting the 191's if you can go a little shorter it will be easier on your knees. I average 70 days a season with 3 screws in my right knee. I ski the whole Mt even stuff not on the maps. I have skied the 724 Pro it's a great ski but I think you will enjoy the ride of the G3 more. It is a bit softer. I could use the G3 as my only ski if I had to. I also liked the Elan M10, it's a 2004 ski that felt like the G3. Volkl's AX3 is 2004's G3 I would recommend that also. depends on how deep your pockets are, you may be able to find a G3's in 188cm left in some shop. I know you can find 191's. PM me if you need the name of a shop here in the north east that has them. Are shops in your area still selling skis this time of year?
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Hi, Nathan!

I own G3s and have demoed the 5 Star and Mantis 12. If you are not skiing a LOT of deep, soft snow and crud in an aggressive manner, the 724 might not be the best choice for you. The 5 Star is a terrific hard-snow carver and is oriented more toward on piste than off, even though it can handle most conditions well. The Mantis is a bit more supple and smooth in a wider range of conditions, although not quite as powerful a hard-snow carver. Perhaps you might honestly consider how much hard snow, on-piste skiing you will do. If it is more than 80 percent, I'd go for the 5 Star. Otherwise you might like the Mantis. Both are excellent skis.

Also, depending on your skiing style, you might consider the slightly softer, more forgiving versions of both skis. The 4 Star and Mantis 10 have the same good points as their stiffer big brothers, but are more user friendly for folks who ski in a more moderate manner.

Good luck! Demo if possible!!
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