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Tahoe Conditions this week

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i am going to Tahoe next week, would like to know the conditions if some one is there or just came back from there. Most likely, we will be skiing in the North Tahoe area, we have different mix of skiers from beginners to experts. We are local to Tahoe so will be driving. Targets incl.
Suger Bowl, Alpine, Squaw, Northstar etc.

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On Saturday the conditions were spring conditions at sugarbowl with one exception. The ice had not formed over night (Fresh cold Powder in the morning) It went quickly to spring slush as the Sun began to hit it.

Due to some wind, it stayed pretty moderate until early afternoon. then the Sun took over and we had some pretty soft wet snow.

Count on spring conditions for the next several days.

Still lots of snow, but bare spots are starting to show.

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Is there any change in sight to some colder weather and maybe some freshies?
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Unfortunatly no.
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This is the URL for remote weather sensors in North Lake Tahoe. It has Squaw and Alpine's temps and snowfall (the top of Alpine is Ward Peak)

Right now it's 37 degrees at the base and 31 at the top. A far cry from the forecast.
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looking at they are calling for rain most of the week. However I do not know at what elevation. Does this mean snow at the resorts???TahoeTucker I could not get your link to work?
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Originally posted by powderhound24:
looking at they are calling for rain most of the week. However I do not know at what elevation. Does this mean snow at the resorts???TahoeTucker I could not get your link to work?
-8,500 feet

-yes, above 8,500 feet, then click the map area as instructed
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Just came off the mountain. Sun is shining but..

Wind is from the north east and quite cold.

We had a solid freeze last night so it's very firm. Still at 11:30 it had not softened much except for the wind protected/sun hit areas.

Disney on wind hold, Crows nest on wind hold, Lincoln running slow (wind) Christmas tree down for repairs.

Good for the snow, now all we need is more customers otherwise the season will be over soon.

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Powderhound: The link works for me? 31 degrees on top of Ward Peak with wind gusts up to 61mph.

A little bit of rain would help set up the corn snow. With a deep base there no worries with coverage and big granular corn snow would be fun! Not much precip is expected anyway...
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Just back from 3 days at Tahoe. Thursday at Heavenly was pretty bad. Super firm (i.e. ice) all day with thin cover in many areas. Fri at Northstar was pretty good with Backside excellent - soft by 11 stayed skiable all day with great slush bumps. Sat at Kirk was good but kind of sticky.
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I would second that. Skied Heavenly for 4 days (damn South Lake Tahoe - Kirkwood bus is no longer running!!!). Thursday 04/01/04 was pretty bad (iced / hard packed), Fri, Sat and Sun were much better though slushy in the lower elevations and a little heavy and sticky in the higher elevations after 1-2PM. However the coverage on open trails was pretty good. Very few bare spots. Your best skiing hours were between 10:30AM-2PM.
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I was at Kirkwood last Sunday.
It was pretty nice, not too warm at all.

I skied the backside in the morning and the front side after lunch. Doing this, I was able to stay on nice spring conditions all day long. (The front side is too hard in the morning and the backside gets too slushy in the afternoon.)
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i am heading out there on Friday so needless to say I have been checking website conditions daily. Thanks to all who keep posting updates on this toppic! I am staying at Heavenly and based on the current weather and snow reports I think I am going to opt for a rental car so I can ski other resorts.

I find it a little odd that Heavenly is reporting a 12-48 inch base and Squaw is reporting a base of 30-136" and that seems to be the norm at Northstar, Alpine Meadows etc. I have been checking all the resort web pages trying to figure out which place to ski and all things point towards all resorts other than Heavenly. I skied Squaw in January and liked it and I had every intention of skiing Heavenly for the 4 days I am going to be there but now I am thinking I am going to rent a car and ski every where but Heavenly. Any local knowledge and recomendations are appreciated!

I am rambling but anyway whats up with the base depth thing has it been that much warmer/rainy at Heavenly than everywhere else??
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Heavenly consistently gets far less snow that the other resorts. I think it's just the location. (e.g. last year, Kirkwood got 500 inches of snow, vs. something like 350 inches at Heavenly.)

Heavenly has some nice areas when conditions are good, but I've found that other places are overall nicer most of the time, and are far less crowded.

I tend to favor other resorts (Squaw, Kirkwood, Alpine, etc.) over Heavenly, but with warm weather, the difference is even more pronounced. Kirkwood and Squaw tend to have better conditions when it gets warm. I've found Alpine Meadows to be about the same as Heavenly, but I haven't been to Alpine too often.

Kirkwood takes about 40 minutes from Heavenly, Squaw and Alpine Meadows a tad more.
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Kirkwood was da bomb 4/2, while Heavenly pretty much was just a bomb 3/31 and 4/1.

I was not super impressed with the big H, but to its credit, it hasn't been Tahoe's greatest season.

I thought I was pushing it last week, but you are gutsy. Good luck.
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I am thinking about making a road trip to ski Mammoth one day also. How far of a drive is it from Heavenly? Is it worth the drive?
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It's a hella lot further than anything else.

PM Mammothcruzer for the skinny.
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2.5 to 3 hours to Mammoth and watch those speed limits. there are a few towns you drive through with 25-35 mph "traps"
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Alpine like Heavenly? I've never heard that!

I skied Alpine Sunday and conditions were excellent spring corn. Skiing off the high traverse in the morning was fun. Alpine is and for as long as I've been around, been know as the place to ski in the spring. Their open boundry policy and the ability to follow the sun around the resort make for consistent snow quality all day.

Check out the link in my post above for current weather. Snow is in the forecast for the next week. Will we see the return of winter?

FYI: Alpine and Squaw are right next to each other
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Ok, you're probably right, as I haven't been to Alpine that often. Sorry if I offended you by comparing Alpine to Heavenly.

But I did find that snow conditions were consistently better at Kirkwood and Squaw Valley compared to Alpine Meadows.

Oh yeah, and let's hope that the storm that's coming dumps more than just a sprinkle.
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paulwles: no problem.
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