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Hey all - a small group of friends are going to Utah in early March. We check in on the 29th of February(Sunday), and we're trying to figure out what to do. Options are:

1. Drive out Sunday, check in, shack up, ski Monday onwards.
2. Drive out Saturday, stay in SLC, ski Sunday --->.
3. Drive partway Saturday, get a room (coming from Colorado,
might stay the night at the Little America a friend is CONVINCED is haunted, take our time getting to LCC Sunday (grocery store, SLC stuff, etc), then:

3a. Take advantage of Alta's "free after 3" deal for an hour
3b. Explore the bootpacks on the north side of the road, up
Superior/across the street from Alta.

So, my question, on 3b - wondering where one might start for a light afternoon of hiking/skinning, on the north side of LCC road? Not sure where to start, basically - there are bootpacks and skin trails -everywhere- over there, the question is which one. I hiked up there ~12 years ago in the spring, started at the Rustler, forget where we actually got off the road, forget if we went up then left, down then left, just remember that we hiked for a _while_ and wound up popping out above the Cliff.

Thoughts? One of our group is from Massachusetts, has not had altitude issues in the past, basically looking for a moderate
45minute-1hour hike/skin that gets a few decent turns, nothing
major, just a "warmup/have not seen these guys in a while/let's go walk around a bit with a purpose" sort of afternoon diversion.

I'm guessing that any of them would be -good-, anyone have any
"lines are too long and it is 2pm but I want to make one good run" recommendations?


Iain(naturally, the weather could play a huge part in our decision