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Whistler President's week

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I'm debating between going to Whistler the 3rd or 4th week of February. The 3rd week includes President's day which I know can get crowded. However, it would help me workwise to only miss 4 days from work as opposed to 5 days. However, if the crowds are a nightmare during Pres. week I'll bite the bullet and go the last week. Anyone have experience at Whistler during the President's day holiday? Thanks Steve
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Any time there is a holiday in the US that is not celebrated in Canada, it seems to be very crowded. I guess that's because we local Canucks forget that our American neighbours, who so love to travel at any opportunity, will be moving in droves. Besides, February is definately the powder season. It'll be busy, but the skiing should be great!
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Been there President's day week and won't do that again! I was told it's their busiest week outside of xmas to New Year's Day. 50 minutes to get on the Whistler gondola Sun. am and 20 min or more midweek. Gotta make dinner reservations in advance or else. The restaurants and other shops give you relatively poor service because everyone is so busy and frazzled, I suppose their patience is pretty much used up. I'd use the extra vacation day since you're going to have fun right? BTW, Aloha has a daytime flight direct to Vancouver from Maui now. skidoc
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I was there last year and the lines were the biggest I've ever seen. But I hired a guide from Extremely Canadian and had a great time, well worth the money. 50cm on Saturday.
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i've been presidents week and it is thier busiest. twice the normal amount of people.
however, i also went to breck on presidents and thought that was worse.
if, youre going to go; some suggestions:
get to the lifts before they open, do fresh tracks or go late. if you stay above mid-mountain, the lines are no worse than anywhere in colorado on weekends.
stay off the main lifts.
and you can eat out without hour long waits, unless maybe youre going 1st class all the way.
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I''ve also been there at that time,no problem:

1. Be at the lower lifts before 8:30, earlier on a powder day.
2. Eat before 11:30 am (or don't eat at all ) Explore some of the smaller on hill eateries,plces like horstman hut (Top of 7th heaven chair), crystal hut (waffles, oven roasted meatloaf), Chic Pea (subs). The smaller ones get really busy at lunch, but if your're there outside of the peak times can be pretty empty.
3. Harmony chair tends to get some of the biggest crowds at Whistler. Usually Blackcomb has more choices and shorter lines. (But I like Whistler better YMMV).
4. Fresh tracks tickets get you up high earlier.
5. Once you're up there, stay up high.
6. As far as restaurants, reservations are good, but you can always find something. If you're into the high end, places like Rimrock, Umberto's, Araxi, Bearfoot bistro really need reservations anyway, Rimrock particularly is sometimes hard to get into. When I'm there alone I usually go for Splitz (best burgers) or Dusty's (at Creekside for that local ambience).

Besides,crowds are a good time to chill, talk to other people in line, remember that this is a vacation. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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