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Do I need new boots?

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I am fairly sure the answer is yes but need to ask cause you guys can work so much magic! I have Salomon Xscream 7.0 boots (orange/yellowish) They are size 26.5 but the shell says 26/27.5. The back says 85 which I assume is supposed to be the flex though I doubt it is acurate. I just found out about shell-sizing and when I do that I have 3-4 cm of space from my heel to the back of the boot with my toes barley touching (did I do it right?). My foot measures about 26 cm long and it is just over 10 cm wide at it's widest part. I am male 5'7'' 130 pounds, and am a level 7-8 skier i think. I just got new skis (Dynastar Little Big Fat 158cm) and wanted to wait before I mounted them with these boots to see if they can be tweaked to fit me or if I need to start over. I am getting a custom footbed but don't know what else to try or where to go in Utah to get it done.

I appreciate all your helpful comments.
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You might want to ask Jeff Bergeron. He has a thread about 10 or so below this one in the Ski Gear Discussion topic.

AC has compiled a list of boot fitting masters here http://www.epicski.com/cgi-bin/ultim...c&f=1&t=001994 Check it out! You should be able to find someone near you.

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You did the proper shell sizing, but if the numbers are correct, I think your boots are too big. I again suggest you ask Jeff on the afmentioned thread.
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