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Powder Mountain

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I'm going to Utah in a week with some friends. One of my friends mentioned that Powder Mountain has lots of lift and snowcat accessable backcounty. Apparently, you ski down to the road, and are picked up by a bus. Does anyone have more information on this mountain? I was there several years ago, and don't remember any backcountry or snowcat service. My recollection is that the area is somewhat small with fairly moderate terrain. I understand it's supposed to get tons of snow, but is it worth checking out with all the other areas to sample?
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I also have not been for years. I am going on Sunday to avoid holiday crowds.
I will let you know!
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I have been told that Powder Mountain is a good alternative, especially if you are trying to avoid crowds. However, I have never been there. From the trail map it looks like it might have potential.
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