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Well, I plunked down $30 bucks last night for the 6 - 10PM night skiing. The snow was great and the crowd manageable, but you can tell that the staff has not come up to speed yet for the season. Like letting a whole crowd wait in line and not telling them that the lift is going to be down for an hour.

One of the chairs, not the one that goes to Smith Walton, but the other one servicing Look Mom, was down for a good hour or more and that forced everyone onto the other lift, and since they had only Connifer connection and 10th open it was crowded on the hill. Too crowded.

They were making snow on a number of trails, so they had them closed to make snow, which I suppose is fine at this time of the year, but when I pay $30 for a local mountain, for just a few hours skiing I'd like to be able to ski more of the hill. Well, actually I'd like to see the crowd spread out over more of the hill, thats whats important.

A lot of skiers skiing and boarding much faster than the crowd and conditions dictated. I saw a lot of close calls and near misses that could have just as easily been nasty "accidents". Very little ski patrol presence.

I got a chance to try out my new skis and my new (late last season boots) and I am very pleased with them. I picked up a set of high end Dalbello's last year, Avanti V8s, the ones with the electic heater option and foam inner liner that you heat up. I never did the heat thing last year, but did it earlier this year at Wachusett when I had bindings put on my new Blizzards. It really made a difference. The felt great! I could leave them on all night with absolutely no pain or discomfort and they have great support without needing to be too tight.

I was likewise please with my new skis. A set of real nice Blizzards F7s at 178cm. A real nice ski for an old geezer like me that wants a high performance ski that doesn't take huge effort to turn.

Great night and I am looking forward to getting out a lot of the coming weeks.

Next stop Okemo!