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And Now the Real Whistler Question... How's the snow?

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I'm heading to Whislter this Thursday till next Tuesday. How are the conditions right now?

I keep reading on their website about new and upcoming snow. Anything to write Mom about so far?

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Santa.. I feel the need to explain myself here after asking two previous Whistler questions that have nothing to do with snow... of course I would normally ask all about the snow and then think of the other insignificant things (ie; food, shelter) once I get there. BUT.. unfortunately, I blew out my knee so it doesn't look like I will be skiing. Therefore I have been appointed as the trip co-ordinator and social planner. Anyways, my friends who live there say the snow is holding up and more is expected all week. You should have some excellent conditions.. if not, work on your goggle tan!!! : : :
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I'm heading to Whistler on Mar. 22.I hear that their due for major precip this week, but the freezing levels look pretty high. If anyone has any local knowledge, it would be appreciated. Aloha Steve
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Yes, the freezing level is the $64,000 question. It's dumping today and and 5 day forecast has it dumping big time probably down to Olympic Station on Whistler and the top of the Wizard on Blackcomb. It will likely be a mix of rain & snow below that and in the Village. Few people spend much time on the lower 2000 vert ft at the best of times anyhow. The Peak, Harmony, 7th Heaven and Horstman will be amazing. If you can't see where you're going through the snow, I suggest down is a good direction.
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Right now its just OK.

JR is right. Depends how warm it gets. The forecast is calling for alot of precipitation. Problem is we've had more than one day this winter where it has rained to the top.

We have to maintain a positive attitude. So far this has been the worst snow year in alot of years. Law of averages, therefore, tells us we are in for some good dumps. Now!

Keep your fingers crossed. You may really luck out and enjoy the best conditions of the year. It's supposed to snow through the weekend, thursday being the biggest dump. Prey for cold weather.
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Well, I just got back an hour ago after being there for 8 days. I had always heard about the rain and fog but had never experienced it until this past week. We had 2 days of constant drizzle and 1 day of RAIN in the village. It was better on the mountain but it was still frustrating to me to see rain when I'm there to ride. Worse than the rain was the fog issue. It was BAD on 2 or 3 days. There were some spots you could see just fine and others where you couldn't see the chairlift's right above you.

To answer your question, I would say the snow above the 1st set of lifts/gondolas are holding up just fine. 7th Heaven at Blackcomb and the Harmony or Peak Chair on Whistler were great...when I could see. They were expecting up to 50 cm tonight.
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I've been out here since the 7th, staying until this Friday. It's been snowing on and off most of the time, with some pretty good accumulations in some areas. Yesterday we managed first tracks on Ruby bowl and bushrat (vis was acceptable, just watch the cornice debris in some of the bowls). Crystal zone was great. Fraggle rock and especially cbc trees were the runs of the day. We tried one run down 7th through the trees there; not fun. Very hard underneath the new snow.

Its been raining today down in Creekside, I just looked outside and ITS SNOWING now. Expecting big snow today and tomorrow. Should be great if the freeze level will just stay down when then front really hits. Its supposed to rise today, anywhere from 1500m to ????.

Today I should be up on Whistler, probably Christmas trees, VD trees , more or less any high trees should be good./

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The forecast calls for high freezing levels so would love to hear how it is today. Thanks for any info Steve
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Maui Steve, skieast's report is as good as it gets. With more than 1600m and several climate zones from the valley to the peak at WB, you can't have a simple answer to the question "how's the weather at Whistler?". Here are some guiding principals, though:

As a rule of thumb, I figure the temperature in Vancouver has to be less than 7 degC for it to be snowing in Whistler Village. Temps lately have been between 5 and 12 Vancouver. The rule of thumb for temp to elevation increase is 1/2deg per 100m. However cold air drainage (the tendency for heavier cold air to run downhill) is a major factor at Whistler, which can cause the coldest air to be anywhere from top to bottom. You can also be totally socked in in the valley, and in bright sunshine up top. The benchmark spots are the valley at about 700m, mid-mountain (top of Wizard, Olympic Station or Creekside gondola) at between 1000 and 1300m, and the Roundhouse or Rendezvous, about 1850m. Rain falling at any of these spots has quite an effect on traffic patterns. In other words, might rain if it don't snow, eh?

My prediction: rain in the village, changing to wet snow at 1200m, and awesome above 1800m. Extremely busy conditions next week, due to BC spring break and poor weather forcing all skiers to the upper lifts only. Best strategy: hold off skiing till March 24th.
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Luckily my first day is Mar. 23 so hopefully your strategy works.Aloha Steve
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Report for today!!!!!!!!

Snowed hard in the alpine, freeze level just above the base of garbonzo lift.

I skied harmony from when it opened until they closed it due to high winds (around 1pm). It snowed hard most of that time, winds made the trip along harmony ridge 'fun'. All the runs off the back of the ridge were great (harveys, sunspot, secret chute and whatever else is in there) Lots of powder turns and not enough people to make bumps out of it.

I think they opened peak chair sometime in the morning, then closed it shortly after.

Once harmony closed I did a run through vd trees (accessed by goat's path), then a run through seppos. Everything was kind of soggy by then so i hightailed it down the dave murray and beer and lunch @ dusty's.

It's still raining down here, I assume snow up high. If the high winds keep up I'm not sure what alpine lifts will open tomorrow.

18cm today, more in some areas. 20-25 expected tonight, and the same tomorrow during the day. Should be great if the freeze level doesn't go too high
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If the weather looks like it will be improving by last week in March, does that mean it will be GREAT in April??? Planning a trip up to WB April 5-12. I'm assuming spring conditions, but the previous comments about low visibility kind of get me down, as we'll be skiing with 3 kids, 10 and under, and they don't usually go for "yucky" weather. Any local wisdom out there?

Also, I'm having a hard time figuring out where to stay. I've been told that we should not stay in Whistler Village, because its "loud" at night, kids with us, etc. Any advice on lodging would be appreciated, too.

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I have stayed in the Village twice, both times at the Delta Suites and noise was never an issue. We had kids, albeit older than 10. They had no problem and being close to things like the lifts and shops/restaurants was a plus for us. Personally I would not go further out, because of noise, but then we might just have been lucky.

With regard to the weather we have had a few days when it rained in the village, but was snowing up top (or even at the middle) or was totally clear up top and you looked down on a blanket of cloud which obscured the valley
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Weather in April should be great! Unless of course, it rains. If the temperature goes down though, it might snow. But then again, the sun might shine, unless fog rolls in. Dunno. Depends on the weather, eh?

You get the idea. I don't know about other parts of the world, but in the PNW unless a high pressure system comes and parks itself, the weather from one day to the next could be anything, regardless of the forecast. Especially this year, which has defied any sense of reason.

If you get here and the village is dampish, go up. Waaaay up. After spring break, especially mid-week, there will be few lift lines. I've had the best powder days of my life on the Peak in May, though there were rivers running down the village streets.

Noise in the village really shouldn't be a factor. If you're concerned, stay in the upper village. If you have kids, I recommend Club Intrawest. You can borrow board games, kids videos, and there is an arcade downstairs where the games are free. Also, there is a "family environment" pool area, complete with a 30m water slide, in addition to another seperate pool area for adults only. It would be a terrific family vacation, even without the skiing.

Let's hope it cools off and snows, for all to enjoy!
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I get the idea! Weather unreliable, at best, but we can still have fun nonetheless! I'm crossing my fingers for a high pressure system.

Will check out Intrawest, hope its not too pricey : Cheers, and thanks for the info!
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Just got back from Whistler last night and while the skiing wasn't great the learning continues. Got to experience full blast blizzard, mini coral reef, muffin mix and wet sugar and slush. Unfortunately the only really good snow was in the top 200 feet and then it was a process of working through the various zones. The good skiers seemed content enough but it was pretty challenging for me. Can't recall the last time I saw so many people falling and the cab driver said they were extra busy taking people to the hospital. The good news was that Whistler demonstrated great customer service as usual by refunding tickets when all the upper moutain had to shut down due to wind. We spent an hour going up, waited 2-3 hours at roundhouse and then skied down to midstation to download. That sticky zone of grabby 32 degree snow still throws me off big time but that's for a different thread. skidoc
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We stayed at The Coast Whistler and it was great!!! It is in the village so it was close to everything, but it is across the street from the pedestrian area, so it was quiet. Plus it is one of the nicer, but least expensive places to stay. I highly reccomend it. :
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How's this for a lie? Conditions are said to be packed powder......temp. 2 degrees Celcius (36 F) and raining!

Packed powder? Right! really packed with slush is more like it!
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Interesting that you have more of an idea of conditions from Milton Ontario?! Report today says "soft packed", I'd say that's exactly what it is from where I sit in Whistler!
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Originally posted by sheskis:
I get the idea! Weather unreliable, at best, but we can still have fun nonetheless! I'm crossing my fingers for a high pressure system.

Will check out Intrawest, hope its not too pricey : Cheers, and thanks for the info!
sheskis, snow is looking good right now. Weather is unpredicatable at times but let's face it, the mountains always are, no matter which mountain! Can't have perfect weather all the time so it is just hit and miss with a ski vacation, that's the way it goes.
Recommendation for the Coast hotel is a good one, they have good deals on and are located in a convenient yet quiet location.
Have fun.
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Just got my Whistler e-mail newsletter. 6ft of snow in the past 15 days!! Have fun Missy.
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