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Flying from Europe...

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Yeah, I wanted to start this topic, primarily for Europeans thinking about next season, and how we get to North America.
Flights to the Eastern US/Canada (SARS permitting) are relatively easy to come by. Most major airlines fly to New York and Boston.
Getting to the Mid West & West can be more difficult.
Direct flights to LA, Calgary and Vancouver are available.
British Airways still fly London - Denver, but I'm not sure how much longer they will be, as they are currently dropping a lot of routes.
Apart from that, you're looking at using United, NorthWest, or American, and flying via Chicago, Minneapolis, Dallas, etc.
If you are in a position to book your flights early enough, getting to places like Salt Lake isn't that expensive - I paid £320 to get there for this year's Academy.
As thoughts about locations are posted, I'll try to keep this thread up to date with flight options, times & prices, so that those of us who make the trip can start budgeting.

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Tks Fox appreciate it !! [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
Regards Chipi
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Good idea, Fox! And as Chipi and MarkP. mentioned in the other thread, with a 6-8 hour flight time, you also want to consider distance from the airport. SLC was about 40 minutes from the airport. There is a van service, that costs about $15. The Colorado resorts are a bit further, dependant upon which resort.

Canada is a bit of a haul. The bus ride to Whistler is 2-3 hours, depending on traffic. The Banff resorts are similar.

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Good idea Fox. That price concurs with the research I did last year about three months or so before the gathering. For some reason Denver was cheaper still.
I'm hoping that will be the most expensive it could get.
And I wouldnt worry about SARS either. I just cant believe the knee jerk reactions the public get about whatever the newest percieved threats are in the world.
An infinite more things are just as lethal now as they were before...
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Originally posted by Lisamarie:
... with a 6-8 hout flight time, you also want to consider distance from the airport...
I wish it was just 6-8 hours!
Direct flights are around 10 hours to Denver/Vancouver, or 14 to LA.
SLC was 16 hours for me. (including about 2 hours stopover in O'Hare)

The other thing is, if we can get a group together, we may be able to get further discount.

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OOPS!! I'm thinking to NYC or Boston. Sorry!
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if you are flying from the UK but not London ie what they patronisingly call "the regions" dont overlook going via Amsterdam with KLM or even Frankfurt with Lufthansa, if you can get connections. Flights are often significantly cheaper than via Heathrow (and often better timed) and it saves you going to Heathrow at all which, for me at least, is a significant bonus.You should be able to get to the East Coast, LA, San Francisco, Denver or Vancouver without any great difficulty. For Salt Lake City you have to go via a gateway.
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True Colin.
At this stage, cause we haven't named any definite destinations, I was just basing it on Heathrow/Gatwick. I used to have to connect from Belfast, and I'm well aware of the extortionate prices for the local flights.

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Great idea Fox!

If anyone can work out a way for me to get from London to Calgary for less than 400GBP please do let me know! I know some people left it late last season and got direct for about 350GBP but we're having to go through Chicago to make it affordable.

Last time we had to come back through Dallas and then Newark!!!

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Did a quick check there on it. Based on flying 7th June for 2 weeks, best I could get was £488 direct with Air Canada. Give me the dates, and let me check further.

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Am looking into going out next winter. Last week in March, first week in April to KH. Have been the last two years and paid about 350-400 but both times the flights have been a bit of a slog. Would love to find something direct - london or manchester if necessary. In fact, anywhere in the UK!!


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Dont want to put a downer on this but you will have to be very lucky to get any decent deals to Calgary from the UK because Air Canada are always v expensive and from the UK only BA competes unless you go charter. Simple supply and demand, they dont need to discount. Contrast say Los Angeles where a lot more fly to, hence it is usually cheaper although significantly further.The most obvious comparison is say LA and Denver, a lot more expensive to Denver than LA although obviously Denver is nearer, but only BA flies direct to Denver and they know it.
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yeah tell me about it. last 2 years have gone AA through chicago (witgh a few unscheduled detours!). Friend got air canada direct from heathrow last march for under 320 quid. Ideal. Last mionute really. But it's not worth the risk. You just have to bite the bullet and pay your 400 sheets for an indirect (16 hour) flight.
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Originally posted by Johnny Boy:
yeah tell me about it. last 2 years have gone AA through chicago (witgh a few unscheduled detours!).
Don't even suggest Fox going with the AA he'll get the shakes just thinking about 16 hours on a flight with AA's.
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I flew to Denver from London this year via AA and was impressed with the legroom; less impressed with financial issues currently going on. No more dramas than with any other airline. Try Opodo on the net for a good comparison of airlines and pricing. I bought my ticket through them and get communications via email.

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if you are using the net from the uk try opodo, netflights and expedia, these will give you a good spread of what is on offer.Also try to reduce the number of flights ie max of two as opposed to three (difficult i know if you are not in London to start with) but as soon as you increase the flights you increase the time a lot because of airport delays and the possibility of lost luggage, especially with skis if you take your own.Alternatively see if you can get a ticket which allows a stopover which means two flights one day to a US gateway eg regional airport to London/Amsterdam or wherever and a flight to the US or Canada gateway that day with the last leg the following day (or later if you have the time). That clearly takes longer etc but it makes it a lot more relaxing...for example get to San Francisco, spend the weekend there and fly to Salt Lake City from there on Sunday night and start skiing on Monday, stay the week and come home, with or without another stop. United used to be good for that sort of deal asthey allowed free stopovers on the way out and the way back, which meant you could if you wish start as above but stopover in New York for a weekend on the way home. That cost the same as the basic ticket from London to Salt Lake with no stops. Also with United the flight from "the regions" to London was free. Downside was you had to go through Heathrow, but if you were lucky you were not there for long !!
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I use Expedia and Opodo for the web stuff, and then the other place to check is Trailfinders: 020 7937 5400 (for US flights). I've been using them for a few years, and before Expedia, etc, they were always the cheapest, now it's very close as to who offers the best, so shop around!

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Originally posted by Lisamarie:
,.... with a 6-8 hour flight time, ........

Canada is a bit of a haul. The bus ride to Whistler is 2-3 hours, depending on traffic. The Banff resorts are similar.
My heart bleeds! Those of us from the Southern hemisphere face flights longer than this just to get over the equator. The quickest flight to the US from the east coast of Australia is around 13 hours plus 2-3 hours to Vancouver say. Add the 2-3 hour bus drive that Lisamarie mentions, plus the connection time and generally the elapsed time Sydney to Whistler door to door is around 22-23 hours.

Always amused at work colleagues from the US who arrive in Oz absolutely exhausted and with a better appreciation for those of us who do (or did!) it regularly.
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Actually, Stewart's thing about the direct flight from UK to LA being 14 hours was funny, because the direct flights from Sydney to LA are 14 hours too!!!!! Only the view is a lot more boring as you are flying across the grey pacific.

There are cheap flights from oz to north america on JAL but you have to go via Narita. 9.50 hours sydney to Narita, and slightly less from Narita to US or Canada. Add to that the stopover (a few hours, or 5!) and that's a long trip (did it twice).
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Hey folks,

You might want to check out I have used them in the past and gotten some pretty good deals on airfare.

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Just a little warning. I usually like American, but I'm heading out to Santa Clara Ca. on tues. They changed my flight time twice, without notifying me. If you fly AA., call to confirm flight times frequently, or check the website.

Would love to meet all of you next year! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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