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Arapahoe basin trail question

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I had a look at the Arapahoe basin trail map and i wonder how to access the upper east wall... i cannot believe this is considered part of the ski area without lift access?
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Yes, it does require some in-bounds hiking.

Quite a cool ski area though.
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Wags, PwoderJunkie,
thank you folks, looks like i'll give it a run!
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As wags almost implies, hike the top of the ridge above the wall and enter the chutes.
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Last time I checked the upper east wall was still closed. It can't be much longer till they open it and I can't wait, I think that's some of my favorite skiing in the world.
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yea it'll probly be mid-late march before they get it open, but its some sick terrain once they do. about 20-25 min. hike to your first option, and 45-50 min to the top. we also build some nice kickers in the spring on the lower east wall where there is traverse access.
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